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What The Heck Is a Wedding Planner Anyway?

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Most people have seen the Wedding Planners in the movies. They come in, they take control and they cost you a ton of money. Well, if that were an accurate portrayal then they wouldn’t be the latest trend in the World of Weddings.

If there is one thing that I have learned, it’s that people really have no idea what a Wedding Planner does. I have heard that they are too expensive, that the Bride and Groom would rather do the wedding themselves and even that the couple wants the wedding they want not the wedding that the planner would create. Trust me when I say that none of this is accurate! It is the responsibility of the planner to work WITH the couple to help create the vision that they want for their wedding while maintaining the budget that is originally set. Every Wedding Planner is different, but if there is one thing that they have in common it is the fact that they only have the Bride and Groom’s best interest at heart.

So, what does a Wedding Planner do exactly? One of the latest and greatest concepts is called “Day Of Services”. A Bride and Groom get into the process of planning their wedding and realize that they are over whelmed or they are disagreeing with family members. To make their day stress free, they hire a Wedding Planner for the day of the wedding. The Wedding Planner will take down all of the information with the couples vision, and do the work for them on their special day so they are able to just be the Bride and Groom. No stress about the flowers, no stress about the décor of the hall or banquet room, no nothing- just a beautiful wedding that they get to enjoy.

If you were to choose full wedding services, a Wedding Planner will sit down with you to get a feel for what it is that you want. What is your budget? What colors do you like? Where are you thinking you want the ceremony? Where do you want the reception? What kind of reception? It is the responsibility of the Planner to ask the questions that will bring out what needs to be done and what can be left out. One of the major benefits to a Planner is the fact that they have contacts within the industry. They can make suggestions, schedule appointments when you don’t have time, go with to appointments if you want another opinion or just keep everything documented and straight to make for a happy couple. There are also instances when the Wedding Planner can work with the couple and family members to create harmony and prevent as much resentment as possible. Those of you that have gone through it, or are going through it now know exactly what I am talking about!

Over all, life is too busy to have to worry about what color pink you want or to fight because the groom picked out tuxedos that you hate! At the very least, schedule yourselves a consultation with a Wedding Planner and see what it is that can be done to make your experience easier. I bet you won’t be disappointed.

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