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How to Choose a Veil to Match Your Hairstyle, Facial Shape, & Dress

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Amidst all of the excitement and fuss over your bridal gown, it is easy to forget the icing on the cake – your veil! Remember that it deserves plenty of attention and planning, because it can make or break your wedding attire. Here are some tips for matching your veil to your hairstyle, facial shape, and dress.

On matching the veil to your hairstyle:


  • If you want a longer veil with your updo, be sure that it is a tighter style with less volume, so it can hold the heavier veil.
  • For a detailed updo you want to show off, consider a veil that pins just below the gathered hair.
  • The French Twist is easily the most versatile updo, and can work with nearly any type of veil.

Flowing Locks

  • The veil should be longer than the length of your hair.
  • Shorter veils generally go well with curly, volumized hair, and longer veils generally go well with more straight, sleek styles.

Short Hairstyles

  • Consider going sans-veil and use clips, feathers, a headband, or a tiara.
  • Shorter veils tend to work better for those with short hair, as longer veils tend to overwhelm.

On matching the veil to your facial shape:

Round Shapes

  • Look for a veil that frames the sides of your face, and try a hairstyle that does the same. These will help to narrow your face.
  • Tiaras and high updos will help elongate your face.

Oval Shapes

  • Since your face is symmetrical, any veil style will work great!
  • If your oval face is a bit longer, try your hair down or in a low updo, as a high updo will enlongate your face.

Heart Shapes

  • Veils that are pinned in the back will stay away from your face, so it isn’t made to look too full.

Square Shapes

  • Soften up your face with a romantic, flowing hairstyle and a longer veil.

On matching the veil to your dress:

Elbow Length Veil

  • Since they hit right at the waist, these veils are great for dresses with detailing at the waist.
  • They end before the skirt begins, so they go well with a fuller skirt.

Fingertip Length Veil

  • Works with nearly any full-length dress!

Cathedral Length Veil

  • This is a very formal style, so keep the style of your wedding and dress in mind when choosing a cathedral veil.

Other tips for choosing a veil:

  • Keep it in balance. The veil is meant to be an accessory, not the main event! So, be sure it does not have more detailing than your dress does. (***Exception: If your dress is very simple, a more extravagant veil may work well.)
  • Veils with blushers (the part that covers your face) work well with traditional, formal gowns.
  • If you are unable to find just the right matching colors for your dress and veil, allow your veil to be a bit lighter than your dress, rather than the other way around.

By Amanda Glandon of Simple Elegance Events and Wedding Designs, serving Central Illinois. More information you can use at Simple Elegance Events & Wedding Designs.

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