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How to Create a Backup Plan for an Outdoor Wedding

Wedding by the lake

Lovely Fall Ceremony by the Lake

 You have always dreamed of your wedding being in a beautiful garden, or down by the lake everthing is perfect.   NOT.  I hate to break it to you, there is a fifty/ fifty chance it will rain.  It may or it may not, so dream of the perfect wedding but have a back up plan just in case.  Better safe than Sorry!

Four things to do!

  1. Find an alternative at the location of your outdoor event.  Where is the ceremony/reception going to be held?  Outdoor at your farm?  Outdoor at a local Park?  Outdoor where?  Look around the environment that you want your outdoor wedding.  Is there a covered pavilion?  If it were to rain can you put a tent up?  Is there an outbuilding you can use if it rains?  Trying to find or create an alternative at the original location will save you time, energy, money and a great deal of stress.  Do not leave this to chance!  

               O.K.  What if you might need a tent.  You cannot just wait until the last minute for a tent.  Call around and ask if tents are available for that date.  Shellie at Let’s Party Rentals has always had our back in a pinch.  You now have to make a decision, do you rent a tent?  A rental center cannot just hold a tent for you, if they can rent it out they have to this is their livelihood.  So talk to them about what is available, then decide.  What can I say you might have to spend a little more to make sure your outdoor wedding takes place. 

     2.  What about the temperature?  Summer is hot, spring and fall can be anything.  Setting up air conditioning for a tent can be quite costly but it can be done.  Tips for hot weather:  The time of day you plan the ceremony will help.  Do Not, I said DO NOT plan the ceremony in the heat of the day!  Temperatures start to drop later in the afternoon, consider having your ceremony after 4 pm.  The days are longer and there will be plenty of light.   Large fans that can be rented or purchased and strategically placed which will help with the air flow.  Tips for Cold Weather:  If you see that temperatures are going to drop that week difinitely rent outdoor heaters!  Let’s Party has these, it is worth the cost of having at least two of these! 

    3.  Bugs!  Mosquitoes, flies, little black things that bite in the fall…..   You can fog the area earlier in the day and it will help.  Citronella torches will not only add a nice warm glow but will help with the mosquitoes in the evening.  We have put out baskets of Mosquito wipes for guests, they are nice little towelettes that you can find at Target, Wal-mart….  CAUTION: If you know you have pregnant guests Deet can be absorbed and toxic for the baby!  Take this into consideration.

     4.  Make sure you have at least one person you can rely on that can jump in if the weather turns on you!  You have no idea the times our team is running every which way and we always have a back up plan!  It gets crazy at times so plan ahead and take the time to ask someone to help.  Someone who is not in the wedding, not your Mom but someone you can trust that will take charge and get things done!

 An outdoor wedding can be beautiful and with a few extra planning steps you can avoid insanity that day if the weather turns sour.

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