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Tell Us Your Wedding Story

Everyone has a story.  What is yours?

Through the years we have had the joy of hearing and seeing so many wonderful stories unfold.  I will say my most favorite moment as a planner is the moment right before my Bride goes down the aisle.  She hesitates for a moment.  Her Dad holds out his arm to her.  I fix her dress as she glances back and at that moment  she takes her father’s arm and begins to walk I think how precious a new family will begin today and of course I cannot help the tears that come.  A wedding is a day that family and friends have gathered to share that moment.  It is truly special.

I just wanted to share a few stories that touched our hearts.

Bride and groom wedding collage

The story of Donnie and Annette always makes me smile and gives me the belief that true love will find its way to you.  They met us at the Double Tree Hotel at the September Bridal Show and I will always remember Annette’s smile and her eyes as they sat and talked about getting married.  What was even more touching was seeing Donnie’s face as he tenderly looked at his soon to be wife.  You could just tell that man really loved this girl and she obviously felt the same.  They were so considerate of each other.  They had gotten engaged just a few weeks earlier that month (I even want to say just the week before) and wanted to get married as soon as possible.  The first plan was March but the date was set for February.  I remember her saying that after  going through a difficult divorce, she honestly believed she would never get married again.  She was working as a bartender and in walked Donnie.  The rest is history.  Their families lived in opposite directions of Bloomington.  Donnie’s Family lived two hours south and they along with Annette’s family lived two hours north.  Everyone met in Bloomington that beautiful February weekend to witness the joining of Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Early.    It was great to see them again this last January.  I received a call that morning and it was Donnie.  They were meeting family in Bloomington and they wanted to introduce us to their new baby girl!  I am telling you, THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!  She is beautiful , looks just like her Dad.

Here is their video

Another one

Sarah and Brad.  She too believed she would never get married again.  Sarah even though she went through a difficult marriage had two beautiful children.  We met them at Panera one evening listened to their story and although it was going to be a challenge to meet their budget we just had to make this day spectacular!  Brad loved Sarah and her two children were his two children.  It was wonderful to see them together.   Brad gathered Sarah’s two children and asked them if he could marry their Mom.  They then went to Sarah together and asked her to marry him and be a family.  She said yes.  It was a beautiful fall day at Lake Evergreen.  the wind gently blew as a Bald Eagle flew over the ceremony.  Sarah and Brad took their vows as a family they hugged and I believed everyone cried.  Sarah’s children were so happy.  I wish you could have seen their faces.  It was something I personally will always remember.  As you look at their photos you can see how happy they all were and are today.

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I can go on and on and you know I think I will.  Watch for new posts of stories… In fact why don’t you tell us your story.  We would love to hear about it.  We are suckers for heart warming love stories.  See there is so much to smile about in life!  Tell Us Your Story!  Email your stories to

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