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Wedding DJ and Entertainment Joe Beck DJ Plus

Monthly Vendor Spotlight:  Joe Beck Entertainment Plus
Why you should choose Joe Beck

Hire a DJ that can get them to Dance!

When it comes to DJ and Entertainment, definitely consider hiring Joe Beck Entertainment Plus for your wedding. Not only are their rates affordable, but they are also extremely experienced. Joe has done over 1,000 wedding receptions, and he also has a unique way of being in touch with his crowd and getting a feel for what kind of music people like.

Read through our brief interview with Joe to learn more about why you’re guaranteed to have a good time with Joe Beck Entertainment Plus!

SE:  What is one thing you wish brides would remember when it comes to their wedding entertainment?
JB: The one thing brides should remember about entertainment, is that picking the DJ is almost as important as picking the right dress! People will remember how beautiful the bride looked and how good of a time they had—it’s the same for the entertainment.

SE:  What makes your style of entertainment unique?
My style of entertaining has a unique flair to it, due to the fact that I am a musician, I have opened for comedy acts, and I have over 20 years experience under my belt—not to mention I have done over 1,000 wedding receptions! My library is unparalleled. I could go on and on.

SE:  What is your advice to a bride as they look for an entertainment vendor?
The best advice I can give when looking for entertainment is to ask the venue or photographer for recommendations. They see tons of DJs, and they can tell you which ones do a good job. Then interview them and see which one fits the type of party you are looking for.

SE:  How does entertainment/music change the atmosphere of the reception?
JB: The entertainment/music is so important to the success of the party, starting from the moment your guests arrive. Having the right music to set the mood for the cocktail hour and dinner is as important as the party music. Then, when it comes to the party, having the music fit the crowd is essential. I have been told by many people about to make a request that I read their mind and played the song they were about to request. That is what I call being in touch with your audience.

Joe Beck Entertainment contact info

Interested? Check out their website at, or contact Joe at, 309-661-9967, or 309-531-1069.

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