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A Wedding Story True Love Will Find a Way

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I want to tell you a love story.  The story of Jeff and Stacy.  It is a story that proves true love will always find its way home.

Stacy and Jeff were High School Sweethearts.   Jeff was a little older than Stacy and went off to college.  So, they went their separate ways.  They both married and started their lives in different directions.  Stacy ended up living out of state and had a beautiful daughter.  Jeff remained here in Bloomington.  Years passed as they always do and they both divorced.  Stacy still has family here in Central Illinois and old high school friends.  Jeff remained close with many of his high school friends.  It was by chance that both of them stayed in touch with one mutual friend.  I have one word, FACEBOOK.   Yes, you heard it correctly they reconnected on Facebook.

It was a beautiful March Day, unlike any other I have ever experienced.  It was 75 degrees even the Magnolias were blooming.  I guess they could have had their outdoor wedding after all.  The day began at the Doubletree Hotel where Stacy, her daughter and dear friend prepared for the day.  Tabetha Smith of “Gathered Hair Together” started at 9 am with hair and make up.  I will tell you she did an amazing job.  Stacy’s hair was beautiful and it survived the windy photo shoot outside the mansion and around town.   Tab even took care of the groom the week before at Stacy’s trial run.

Bridal Hair updo

Amazing Hair and Make up by "Gathered Hair Together"

The day was off and running.  Kelly and Sarah arrived a little after 9 am to begin shooting the story of the day.  I brought Starbucks and bagels from Panera.  It was a calm and quiet morning of pampering.  Tabetha worked her magic.  Sarah buzzed around the room catching all the  moments between Mother and daughter and between two best friends.  In the meantime Kelly made his way over to the Groom’s house to get some fun shots of Jeff getting ready.

Groom getting ready

12:45 pm time to get to Broadview Manor and get ready for the early afternoon Ceremony.   It was an intimate setting for family and friends.  This historic house was buzzing with the sound of truly happy people.  We had veggies and “La Gondola” to snack on and both Pepsi and Coke!  (There were definitively two separate camps on this issue.)  We made sure we had a Diet Dr. Pepper for the Matron of Honor as well.  Kelly and Sarah snapped away taking so many incredible pictures.  The story unfolded in such a wonderful way.

2 pm the guests begin to arrive.  They are greeted by  Kim of the Simple Elegance Team and a friend of Stacy’s as they put  their thumbprint on the Thumbprint tree.

Thumb print tree for wedding

It was fun to watch guests press their thumbs against the paper and listen as they pointed at who they knew.  What a great momento!

The guests are greeted with the soft music of the Harp played by Rex Moore.

2:30 pm It is time.  Rex begins the family seating and the SE team is all in place.  Kelly and Kalya (our interns) cue the family and the seating begins.  The music changes the two bridesmaids make their way down the stairs.  They take their places in the front of the room.  Jeff’s Stepmother stands and the Bridal music begins.  Amber assists Stacy as stands at the top of the stairs.  The sun catches her from behind and she is beaming.  She softly makes her way to the entryway.  I have her stop for a moment as I fix her dress.  She glances down, I touch her arm and tell her this her moment.  Jeff’s face…there are no words to describe it.  He just loves her that’s all.  They join hands and Doug our officiate begins.

The ceremony was a simple one with very meaningful moments.  Jeff and Stacy wrote their own vows.  They were touching.  They included an Irish Hand-fasting which  is a traditional Celtic ceremony. It usually involved the tying or binding of the right hands of the bride and groom with a cord or ribbon for the duration of the wedding ceremony.  They had the tie made in Ireland, watch for pictures on Kelly’s Facebook page.  The real tear jerker was the Dedication to Stacy’s daughter.  Stacy and Jeff presented her with a beautiful necklace for her to remember their love for her.   And before you could wipe another tear it was announced, “You may kiss the bride!”

Stacy and Jeff made their way upstairs for a quiet moment to themselves as the guests went out on the front porch of  Broadview.

Now for the fun to begin.  The reception was held at The Doubletree Hotel.  Stephanie did a fantastic Job.

Star Talent events provided the entertainment for the evening.  Guests went crazy in the Photo booth.  The uplighting highlighted the room in a soft blue.

The decor set the mood for a soft romantic reception.  Miranda, Julie and Kathi created exactly what Stacy wanted.

From this to....

Wedding Reception Decor

...after the Simple Elegance Team work their magic!

The day was over and the reception ended.  It was a special wedding.  Two hearts reunited and finally complete.  We thank Stay and Jeff for letting us share their day.  They will always hold a special place in our hearts.

True Love Truly Happy

It is this picture that I love.  Look at the two of them.  What a wonderful story.


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