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Wedding Videographer Pittman Productions

Videographers Jason and Angie Pittman

Jason and Angie Pittman "A Great Team" Aren't they Cute!

For over ten years, Jason and Angie Pittman have been documenting some of the most precious moments of a person’s life – their wedding. They take footage from your entire day and put together a beautiful memory of your special day.

See some of their sample videos at:

Pittman Productions can also create photo montages, film your rehearsal dinner, and have many packages with different levels of editing and number of cameras to fit your budget and needs. They are located in Peoria, IL but are happy to travel to Bloomington, Chicago, or anywhere in the area.

We asked Jason a few questions about videography — and here is what he had to say!

What is one thing you wish brides would remember when it comes to their wedding videography ?

Our mission is to turn a memory into a living record. The day will come and go. All of the details that they have planned for months and spent money on will pass. It will be a blur. Then, a couple months later they will receive their video and will be able to relive it all. We take a thorough approach to capturing everything in the day. All the details and all the unique emotions.

What makes your style of videography unique?

Being a family business, we have the time to put our all into each production. There is not a huge juggling act of hundreds of weddings like many production houses. I feel a tremendous responsibility to “get it right”, so I always do. I only have one chance and then the video will be passed on to influence their marriage for the rest of their lives. A wedding video is something that can keep a couple together, to help them remember and feel that moment when they were completely in love, and they were surrounded by all of their family and friends who supported their decision to marry. There will be many changes as the years pass, but this video will remain. They can revisit it over and over to remind themselves of what is important in their marriage, which helps couples stay together and in love.

What is your advice to a bride as they look for a videographer?

For years wedding video has been seen as the last thing to consider on the budget. I am happy to say that that is changing. Video is becoming a must for most brides. It is also probably the most affordable service they might purchase considering the time involved to create it and the lasting impact.

See the Pittman’s website

or call 309-839-2956 for more information.

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