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Wedding Videography




Should you hire a videographer? 

I will say, this is one thing Brides put on the back burner due to budget constraints.  As a planner, I say it is worth the expense.  If you are still trying to decide here are some things to think about.  The day of your wedding will go by faster than you think.  It is a whirlwind of activity.  You will be very busy taking photos, greeting guests, cake cutting, first dance.., you will not even see or be a part of much that goes on during the ceremony or the reception.  A video will capture not only the big important moments but also those moments you missed or forgot about.  It is something you will watch over and over again.  Your kids will watch it.  Therefore, with that said the big question is, “How does a videographer fit into my budget.”  “How do I know what makes a good video that is worth paying for?” 

  1. Can you afford a videographer?   Yes, hiring a videographer is an expense.  The prices here in Central Illinois for this service start at $399 for ceremony, one camera , limited editing.  I have said it before about vendors and I will say it again; when a vendor is invested in his or her trade, they are invested in you!
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What you need to know and how these things determine the price.

Style:  There are three Styles

  1. Cinematic or straight-cut wedding video, videographers will provide you with a pre-planned shot-by-shot audiovisual narrative of your wedding day. The straight-cut wedding video usually runs two hours and is less expensive than a documentary-style video.  This is the least expensive because there is less editing.
  2.  Documentary wedding video, they will shoot as much footage of your wedding day as they can, then edit it down to a video that tells the story of your wedding day.   Obviously, this will be more expensive because there is more equipment involved and there is more editing which equals more expense. 
  3. You can get a happy medium but you will have to ask the videographer to mix the two styles. You will have to agree upon the amount of time they will shoot the day, decide on what shots you really want, and how much free rein you give the videographer for other shots.
  • Camera Packages: How many cameras?  A one-camera package is less expensive than a two-camera package, but if you want to capture both your entrance and your Groom’s face when you walk in you will need two cameras.  

Extras, remember they cost more but often times they are worth it.


Receive Your Complimentary Guide: “How to Hire the Perfect Videographer for Me and My Budget”
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Here are some ways to get what you want for less

Bottom line if you really cannot fit this into your budget, ask a friend or even two friends to videotape the ceremony and the highlights of the reception.  You might want to give them a list of a few things just in case.  For example:  Before the ceremony shots of you and the girls, the other friend could get the guys, family members arriving, obviously the bridal party entrance and the I Do part.  You might want them to get an overview of how the ceremony and reception were decorated. Your entrance into the reception, first dance, cake cutting… You get the picture.

There are some great Videographers here in Central Illinois.  Check out their websites, call them they are all great people to work with.  I can honestly say I do not hesitate to recommend each one of them.  They will take the time to answer all your questions.  Don’t forget to tell them Margaret said Hi.

Every Moment Productions   Prices start at Ceremony Only: $399; includes: 1 videographer, 2-camera coverage, wireless microphone, and 3 DVD’s. (DVD completed in 5 Days)  Dan and his wife are wonderful to work with.  Down to earth!  They are from Charleston and will travel to the Bloomington-Peoria-Champaign areas.  There is a travel fee depending on where they need to go.  Don’t forget to add that into the final cost.

Star Talent Events Justin Bond I cannot say enough good things about Justin.  One thing to note is that he is a Red Wing fan, which sits well with us since we are from the Detroit area.  I hope this does not influence you Blackhawk fans, it’s tough for your right now sorry. 

Premier Productions Ben Miller

Full Coverage Starts at $1,795  The trailers Ben produces are fantastic!  I guarantee you will watch it over and over again.   Your friends will love it because they won’t have to sit through the entire video.  They can watch the 10-15 minute highlights.  It is wonderful.  Ben is good guy, you will absolutely love what you get.


Pittman Productions Jason Pittman

 Prices begin at $450 DVD no editing.  I love what they have to say, “Want to hear something sad? When we got married, we were in college living mostly on Ramen noodles and our love. We did not think we could afford a videographer, so we skipped that part of the planning. (See the irony?) Huge regret…That’s why we are willing to negotiate price. Every couple deserves to look back on their wedding day and really see it. Memories fade, but video captures time like magic.”

Receive Your Complimentary Guide: “How to Hire the Perfect Videographer for Me and My Budget”
Please enter your Email and we will send you a complimentary issue:
The day goes by too quickly!  Capture the moments with a great video.

So, you are getting married.  Keep it in perspective.  Enjoy the moment!

2010 Margaret Moore,
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