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Personal Wedding Websites Do you need one?




 10 reasons to have a wedding website.

Save money on printing  No doubt you are probably going to have invitations printed but this is a way to save on RSVP’S.   You can direct your guests to you website for everything from Engagement Parties, Showers, and recepction RSVP’s.   True you will no definitely need to send some through the Post Office but many can be done electronically. 

Bridal Registry. You can post your registries on your site.  People will be online, they can click the link you provide and easily shop online for your gift, click, click as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Who needs another “Save the Date” magnet?  Your refrigerator can only hold so many!  Send out a simple post card (watch the size for postage)  to those that you do not have emails  and for those email addresses you do have, you can send an electronic “Save the Date’.  Put your basic information for the location,time and date and Your Wedding Website address.  Make sure you put the user and password if the site requires it.  Many sites allow you to send emails directly from your site inviting them to sign the guest book.

Helps you stay in touch  with your guests.  This can save you tons time if you need to get in touch with your guests.   They have guest book sign ins and RSVP sections.  Your guests are asked to sign in by using their email address..ta da now you have their email to send updates…so much easier to click and send updates to 100 people instead of trying to get everyone on the phone. 

Directions for the ceremony, directions for the reception, directions to the hotels.   I cannot tell you the number of phone calls my brides get asking for directions THE DAY OF HER WEDDING!  Our brides are not allowed to talk to anyone but their Mom and husband to be the day of the wedding.  I have the phone.  This drives me crazy, like she has nothing else to do the day of the wedding but give you directions, really!  OK I will get off my soapbox. 

Green Weddings the in Chic thing, yes having a wedding website is eco-friendly.  Hug a tree you will be saving paper.  You will also be saving money too.  You could go completely paperless and collect everything electronically.  Your Great Aunt Suzie may still need her engraved invitation so make sure you consider everyone.

Updates you can update your guests on any changes.  Outside wedding and there is a monsoon?  Do you have to change your venue for some reason no problem updates can be posted on you website.  Think this can’t happen?  Call me ask me about the outside ceremony where it rained ten inches in twelve hours!  We had two alternate plans but the ground was so soaked the pins of the tent would not hold.  We had to change the venue in less than 24 hours!  Longest two days of my life.

Share your wedding excitement with your guests.  Many sites have places to post pictures.  It is nice for those that may not be able to attend the wedding but still want to share with you in your day.  They can leave you messages and thoughts.  It is like you little Social Networking station.

List Hotels for out of town guests.  You can list the block of hotel rooms for your guests.  You can link them directly to the hotel and they can click and make reservations from your website, click, click they’re done.  You can also post places for them to eat or shop.

Keeps you organized.  Whether you have a planner or not, these sites have fantastic tools and a whole bunch of ideas that will keep you on track.

Here is our personal favorite

Why Wedding Wire?   They have Central Illinois Vendors.  No we are not Chicago or St. Louis but we are somebody! 

You can check out our reviews while you are there.

Here are a few more

I am sure there are many more that I am not aware of.  Wedding Wire covers Central Illinois vendors which covers us.  You will find these sites to be very helpful in keeping everything in one place.  Explore them all find the one you like the most.  You will see some great ideas.  Have fun.


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