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Weddings Keep Focused on What is Really Important

Keeping Things in Perspective

older couple holding hands

As you take each others hand think what will mean the most forty years from now?

I found this picture on I thought it was so beautiful and it says everything without a word.

I know I blogged this a while back but after watching the devastation in Japan and talking with a friend to see if his grandson was safe it made me want to put this out there again.  Life can change so quickly.  I thought to myself how many weddings were so meticulously planned in Japan for this weekend?  What may have seemed so important a week ago means nothing, now.  I am married thirty years this year and although life has been full of ups and downs I can say that I am grateful I married my best friend.  So all I can do is to encourage you to remember why you are doing this in the first place.  You have found a great love, so great you want to spend the rest of your life with them.  So, Keep it in perspective enjoy the moment.  Our prayers and thoughts are with all the friends and all who are in Japan.

So you are getting married. The excitement, the attention, it is your day and you want it your way!  Balance!  How can you find it?  Weddings have taken on a completely new attitude; go ahead ask someone what their wedding was like twenty or thirty years ago.

I think in the excitement of the wedding we overlook the fundamental issue, which is two people  have found something very wonderful.  So wonderful in fact, that they want to make it their life, a life together.  Oh sure there will be ups and plenty of downs but it is the everyday life of being content with your family that we all strive for. There could always be a little more money, things could always be a little easier, but they could also be so much worse.

There is no real magic, just the reality that love does work.  The sun will go down on your wedding day, then the sun will rise, and now you have a new life.  The excitement of the planning, the thrill of opening gifts and cards will fade into what we all have, everyday life, which is great!     As each year passes, you and your new spouse will learn so much about each other, things you love and things you hate.  It is a combination of these things that make you both what you are.  You will refine each other’s personalities., you will not change them.  So the Chivari chairs that seemed so important at the time are not even a thought now, now you think about having children, buying a house, balancing your career.  Perspective!

Keeping things in perspective is the key to a successful wedding day and a successful marriage.  Your wedding is a beautiful time when two families are joined.  It is not just YOUR day.  It is a day that your families and friends have come together to share your moment of becoming a new family.  The whole reason for the day is the promise that you will make to each other to become husband and wife.  You could do that under a light bulb in a garage.  The rest of this stuff is just fluff!  Nice fluff, but still fluff, it will not make your marriage a success.  When you look back on your wedding day twenty years from now what will make you smile?  That is what counts.  Something will go wrong, it always does.  Oh well.  I guess you can look at it as if that is the worst thing that happens to you in life consider yourself very lucky.

So, you are getting married.  Keep it in perspective.  Enjoy the moment!

2010 Margaret Moore,
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  1. Hannah

    Margaret, I love this post and what you’ve written about weddings, love, marriage, and life itself–it’s so beautiful! No one could have set it better. 🙂

  2. Margaret Moore

    Hannah you are so sweet. Life is pretty simple, we’re the ones that make it too complicated when it really is the very basics that make us happy. We forget and just need to be reminded. Thanks for all you do for us!

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