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Who Will Win the Central Illinois Weddings $20,000 Wedding Package?

Who Will Win the Central Illinois Weddings $20,000 Wedding Package?

Enjoy this Gallery from Kelly Lyle and Mark Romine Photography

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Thursday, June 30th at Blueline Nightclub we will announce the special couple that will receive over $20,000 in wedding values from the Vendors of Central Illinois Weddings.

The vendors of CIW have joined forces to help one couple that you choose to have a Dream Wedding.  Visit click on “Your Magic Wedding” then Vote for Your Favorite Story.

Read Their Stories

Stephen and Sara-Our story starts the first time I ever laid eyes on my future wife.

Dawn & Ronny-I was married before but Ronny is 42 years old and never been married and his kids and I would love to make this a very special day for us both.

Dianna & Dack – I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Medical bills and life in general has made it difficult to say the least.

Taryn & Jason-I was raised by a single mother, who taught me the values of working hard. She worked 3 jobs while attending Heartland Community College and still managed to raise 3 children alone.

Brandy and Ben-“If we could afford to get married, we would do it tomorrow!” but neither of us want to just sign a piece of paper at the court house and be done.

Leah and Kris- I need your help! Kris is currently in the US Army National Guard, and he will be coming home this July

Rachel and Dave-We’re getting married next Spring, and have no idea how to pay for half of the things we need.

Kami and Derrek-Not knowing when we will be back to see our family due to the expense of travel, this would not just be a wedding it would be memories to last a lifetime. I truly believe every girl should get the wedding of her dreams.

Ashley and Jonathan-Ashley was a single Mom with a little girl born deaf.  Surgery and therapy have made having a real wedding seem like an impossible dream.

Kayla and Scott-have been struggling to keep a float so being able to have our wedding day be that special would mean the world to us.

Alyssa and Zach- Childhood sweethearts.  Our journey to this point has not been easy but it has been worth every minute. Please help us.

Lorrin and Nick– I never thought I would find a man who would be willing to take in my unborn child and I after only a few weeks together, let alone show the unconditional love he has for both of us. Nick was more than willing.

Michelle and Josh– We have decided that it was going to be just him and me against the world. I never knew how much he meant it until he got down on one knee in front of our family, friends and strangers and asked me to be his wife.

Brittney and Scott-You know its true love when you take your boyfriend bra shopping and he offers to hold your purse for you while you try them on. Hes always been there for me.

Tyler and Erin-Winning this prize package would mean that I could give my amazing fiance the wedding of her dreams at the perfect time.

Brittany and Chris- His mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and has been caring for her.  This has caused a financial burden on the family and winning this wedding would be a dream come true.

Renee and Joe-It would mean a great deal to win this dream wedding so that I can see the precious look on my daughters face as she walks me down the aisle to marry my best friend, Joe, and start our new journey as a new family.

Joe and Jenny-My fiance, Jenny, and I were born to be together.  We are working two jobs each to get ready for our big day.

Brittney and Jacob-Coming from divorced parents, I am responsible for paying for my schooling.

Michael and Laura-I am actually entering the contest for my son and his fiance.  They put themselves through college with loans, scholarships, and grants. My son even did time in the Air Force to help with college expenses, and did a deployment in Iraq.

Kayla and Matt- Winning this prize would mean the world to me, to us. It would be a chance for me to be married, to be with my best friend

Jayme and Eric-We are paying for our wedding completely on our own.
We are paying for our wedding completely on our own.

Amanda and Michael I would like to be the winner of a “magical wedding” because we are genuinely good people and a happy family who are just trying to make our family complete.

Nichole and Brandon-We are both trying to finish our Bachelor’s degrees but at the same time we want to start our lives together as a married couple. At this time, we just can’t afford a wedding.

Marqui and Jordan– It seems that for the next few years all of our money will be immediately going toward student loans and wedding expenses. Right now our wedding theme is “hodge podge” meaning we’ll take whatever we can borrow.

Ashley and R.J.-Our big day will be memorable for us regardless, but help us make it memorable for those we love too!

Lori and Garfield-I am paying for the wedding myself, and being on a limited budget has been the obstacle to me having the wedding of my dreams

Lyndi and Kory-Please make the wedding of my dreams come true!

Lyndsay & Eric-The only thing that could make our wedding more magical would be if we were to get the help we need to pay for our wedding .

Rich & Michelle-I am waiting on a kidney transplant and dont know how long I have to live if I dont get this transplant. All I want is to have a day of happiness and fun for my husband Rich and I.

Samantha & Nick-With our upcoming wedding, it is necessary for me to get a second job to afford the extra costs, leaving us with even less time for each other. This contest would be a blessing.

Jessica & Jassen -WE have been talking about getting married for awhile now but we just dont know how to afford it.

Summer & Mike-My mom, also my best friend, was diagnosed with breast cancer last August

Joy & Luke-I have faced numerous challenges that I have overcome with the help of my fiancé. One big challenge that I have faced is overcoming an eating disorder..

Stephanie & Mike-Michael and I really want a nice family wedding, but with out financial situation Mike and I only can afford to go to the courthouse to get married.

Alex & Jordan -there is so much going on in my family right now, and if Jordan (my fiance) and I could come up with a way to help my dad out we’d feel so blessed.

Breeona & Shannon-My fiance and I had a house fire in October. We lost everything.

Jamie & Jeremy -He told me he wrote a song and he was going to sing it for me. It was a beautiful song about how much he loves me, and at the end of the song he proposed.

Beth & Cleve-We have never got married because we really have never had the money to do it.

Matthew & Paula -We both are still in school, trying to save money for our wedding next year, and find ourselves always breaking even, since we are pretty much on our own paying for everything.

Danielle & Nick-Since we are still in college, it’s difficult to put away much and also provide for our family.

Stacey & Mark-Neither Mark nor I have much money because we receive graduate student stipends and have been in school most of our lives.

Taryn & Jason-I was raised by a single mother, who taught me the values of working hard. She worked 3 jobs while attending Heartland Community College and still managed to raise 3 children alone.

Adrianne & Isaac-with our medical bills looming over us I can only imagine us getting married like we dreamed if we win a contest.

Andrew & Andrea– We both love our families and due to our traveling for jobs we want to make sure we have our wedding back in Illinois for our families.

Crystal & Chris-This is my daughter.  They are both in college and I would love to see them not go into debt for a wedding.

Tonya & Nik We recognize the hardwork that goes into maintaining our friendship and relationship, especially while finishing up school and working in restaurants to make enough money to be able to say “I do” with our friends and family surrounding us.

Tony and Alessandra I?d like to make sure my beautiful fiancée, Alessandra, has everything she wants on her big day. She is the most hardworking, caring, selfless, warm, and sweetest woman I know.

Courtney & Lance- Lance and I would truly be grateful for this opportunity. We have found love in each other that will last a lifetime, and we cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Sara & Bryan It has been a year of planning and this package would take a lot of stress off of us.

Amanda & Luke-being a full-time graduate student and completing a year-long unpaid dietetic internship, has made it very difficult to save up for the wedding.

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