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Your Wedding Dress!

Wedding Gowns

A Dress to Die for!

Photograph by Laura Witherow

So, he popped the question….What your next step? Most brides run to the bridal shop first thing to find THE dress!! Here are just a few tips to make your wedding dress shopping a little more comfortable and hopefully help you find “the one”!!!

Have a budget in mind BEFORE you step foot in the bridal salon. This will help the bridal consultant find the right dress for you. It may seem like fun to try on many extravagant dresses, and it may be exciting. The trouble comes when you fall in love with a dress you can’t fit in your budget. Then every dress you try on from then on out will not compare nor meet your expectations. You want to be ecstatic about the dress you decide on, you don’t want to be wishing you could have purchased the more expensive one.

Do a little research beforehand. It is very helpful if you have at least an idea what style you are looking for – Ball Gown, A-Line, Mermaid, Sheath, Strapless, Halter, Sweetheart….A little research will help you understand some of the basic bridal gown “lingo.”Tomorrow we will share with you more information on the wedding dress “lingo” and styles.

You may want to break out the granny panties!! Most likely there will be one or more bridal consultants assisting you with selecting and trying on the bridal gowns. This is not the time to go commando! It may be embarrassing to both you and the consultant. Let the professionals assist you. They know how best to fit you in the gowns, especially the more complicated ones.

A strapless bra is also a good idea to bring with you, especially if you plan on wearing a strapless or strappy bridal gown. You can get a much better idea what it is going to look like without your bra straps hanging out.

Keep an open mind!! You may have envisioned yourself walking down the aisle in a huge tulle ball gown encrusted with crystals. However, once you start trying on dresses you may find that a different style is better for you. If your bridal consultant recommends a style or dress, give it a try. They are experienced and know which dresses look good on certain body shapes. Their goal is to find the perfect dress for you. Many times a bride ends up loving a dress that she had doubts about when it was on the hanger.

Just bring a few trusted family members or friends. It’s not always the easiest when you bring a large entourage. Everyone has individual opinions and it may only confuse you more.

For a really unique dress shopping experience, try a champagne appointment from Michelle’s Bridal Shop in Champaign, IL. You have the salon all to yourself and up to 10 of your friends. They serve hors d’oeuvres and champagne. It is quite an experience. Besides, Michelle’s offers a beautiful selection of gowns and a great staff of bridal consultants to assist you!! You must check them out!

Visit this link for more info on Champagne Appointments

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