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Wedding Videography It is Worth it?

OK you plan this day for months! Everyone sits and watches as the day unfolds. It is breathtaking! Yes you are a part but never really see the day! You can if you have a video. Personally I think this is one thing girls should not give up. The day goes by so fast, memories fly by a video captures the day and allows you to it and watch the day as it unfolded and you are the star of the show!

Wedding Videographer Every Moment Productions

Daniel and Rachel Jones, owners of Every Moment Productions, are committed to high-quality videography created in a fun and enjoyable environment. They strive to give each couple an “in-depth replay of what made your day so extraordinary”. Every Moment Productions is located in Charleston, IL and travels all over the Central Illinois area.

Wedding Videography

I will say, this is one thing Brides put on the back burner due to budget constraints. As a planner, I say it is worth the expense. If you are still trying to decide here are some things to think about. The day of your wedding will go by faster than you think. It is a whirlwind of activity. You will be very busy taking photos, greeting guests, cake cutting, first dance.., you will not even see or be a part of much that goes on during the ceremony or the reception. A video will capture not only the big important moments but also those moments you missed or forgot about. It is something you will watch over and over again. Your kids will watch it. Therefore, with that said the big question is, “How does a videographer fit into my budget.” “How do I know what makes a good video that is worth paying for?”

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