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Paying for the Wedding: Who Pays for What?

And now, the fun part…you may have been thinking about this wedding for possibly many years, and in your mind you have created the most opulent celebration one could picture, but the extent of the celebration often comes down to the nitty gritty question, “Who pays for the wedding?”

Some say that traditions hold that the bride’s family is responsible to pay for the wedding, but where does this tradition find its roots?

Unique Illinois Wedding Sites Starved Rock

Starved Rock has it all! Wedding ceremony and reception. Once your family and friends arrive, there is no need for them to leave the Park during your wedding weekend. overnight accommodations for everyone.

Honeymoons Part 2

So, you’ve talked about the honeymoon with your fiancé. You’ve had a long, worthwhile discussion, and the two of you covered everything from budget to time to location to what kind of trip you want. Yet, somehow, despite the fact that both you and your future spouse know what kind of honeymoon you both want and what to expect, you just can’t seem to figure out exactly what to do or where to go.

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