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Wedding Videography It is Worth it?

OK you plan this day for months! Everyone sits and watches as the day unfolds. It is breathtaking! Yes you are a part but never really see the day! You can if you have a video. Personally I think this is one thing girls should not give up. The day goes by so fast, memories fly by a video captures the day and allows you to it and watch the day as it unfolded and you are the star of the show!

Find a DJ for Your Wedding

There are tons of wedding disc jockeys! But how do you find the wedding disc jockey that’s perfect for you? Many tips on this page are only our opinion, you must choose what you feel is right for your wedding. We think it is best to meet with at least three different vendors for everything in your wedding. Talk to your friends, think about the weddings you have been to, search the internet for reviews then make the appointments. The most important thing to do is ask questions and LISTEN. Pay attention to the rep you are meeting with.

Start Planning Today!