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Confused? Overwhhelmed? Don’t Be! There is Hope and there still is a Dream Wedding on the Horizon

The best way to start to get control on you budgtet is to get control of the guestlist. Sorry to say unless you have unlimited funds you cannot invite everyone to this wedding, plain and simple! You need a plan and yes you do have control. You may not like it but you have a choice! The list of guests is up to you. here are some tips for organizing and reducing your wedding guest list.

A Wedding in Thirty Days Let’s Break it Down

So you are getting married. Word of Advice! Keep it in perspective.
The most important thing about this whole experience is the fact that you have found a love so great that you want to make it your life. This is about two families joining together. As the years go by the anxiety of the guest list, cost of the decor you want, the disagreement with your maid of honor or your new sister in law will all fade into the past. You will learn so much about your spouse, things you love and things you hate. It is the combination of these things that made you fall in love in the first place. You won’t change each other but hopefully you will polish each other, so that twenty years from now your love literally is so much brighter than the day you were married.

Start Planning Today!