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BIG NEWS!!!! Wedding Giveaway!!!!

We have some very EXCITING news to announce!!! Magic 100.7 and Central Illinois Weddings Presents “Your Magic Wedding” OVER $20,000 WORTH OF STUFF FOR YOUR WEDDING One very special couple will win the “A Wedding to Dream of” Couples tell us your story in 107 words or less why you should be chosen below and…

A Few Wedding Cakes You Should Avoid

There are some things to think about when choosing your cake.

Colors to avoid are bright colors like Blue, purple, bright pink and red. I am not saying a touch here, or there is an absolutely out of the question. You will want to remember that the food coloring will dye you and your guests lips and tongue that color. Yikes blue lips! Not only that what groom doesn’t try to smash the cake in the bride’s face? Red icing – White dress! Do I need to say more? If you need the color use gum paste flowers, ribbon, or fresh flowers.

A Guide to Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes so many choices. What is fondant? Ganache what is a ganache?
You have no doubt gone through all of wedding magazines you could get your hands on. You’ve looked at hundreds of pictures of cakes. Now, what is it going to cost you? Well that depends, on how elaborate you would like to get. You must realize that many hours can go into creating the fantastic cakes you will see on ‘WETV” and that cost money. The cost of your cake will be determined by type of icing, how the cake is decorated, and the size of the cake. The number of servings will determine the number of tiers you’ll need.

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