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Moments Like These

So many times while at a wedding people come up to us and say…”I could never do what you do”…I always smile and say “I LOVE it”…and I do…but WHY?!?…There is a very not so glamourous side to wedding planning. It is stressful…and it is hard work…and I mean hard LABOR.  There is running, squatting, lifting, hauling and tons of other not so pretty things we do. And most clients won’t realize how hard the work is, until they see us running around the day of the wedding. But yet, we still love what we do….why….

For moments like these…

This summer, I sat outside on a grassy hill with the mother of the bride speaking of how beautiful the day was…the smile on her face said it all…we watched as the bride and groom were releasing lanterns into the sky in remembrance of those that had passed away…(side note: I had just ran like a crazy lady to our vehicle to get another lighter as the one we were using wasn’t working, only to get to the back of the building to see someone had gotten there first and the first sky lantern was already about to lift off) BUT as the bride and groom’s last lantern was about to lift off they both leaned in and shared a kiss…the sweetest kiss…and I thought…Wow…what a MOMENT…A beautiful memory that had just been made, and I am sure captured much better by the photographer…(See above) ..but that MOMENT, that MEMORY,…in some way I helped make that happen. Not only for the bride and groom, but for that Mother of the Bride…because of us she was not frantically worrying about what was happening, who was cleaning up, and if the things that were supposed to be getting done were done…she was able to sit on that grassy hill and watch her daughter and new son in law. She was able to enjoy that MOMENT too…

That is why I do this…for MOMENTS like these.

When the bride and groom are on the dance floor surrounded by their closest friends in a huge circle and they are belting out “Friends in Low Places” while swaying with the song…

When the bridesmaids surround the bride and they each say a touching prayer for her and her soon to be new husband before the ceremony….

When the bride and groom are sharing their first dance together, and I get to surprise them by sending their kids in to finish off the song with them as they celebrate the formation of their new family…

I have the PRIVILEDGE to be a part of moments like these.

It brings me so much joy to play a part in making moments like these possible. That is why I do this…for MOMENTS like these.  Moments for the Bride and Groom. Moments for the Parents and Grandparents. Moments for the Bridal Party, Friends, and Family. We want them to enjoy these moments too…We will take care of the details and do our best to help make these moments happen.

This day happens once. Please be sure to enjoy THESE MOMENTS because the memories last a LIFETIME!

Start Planning Today!