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The Modern Take on Guest books

The guest book has been around for a long time and it’s not going away any time soon. Guest books are a wedding day staple for every bride and groom. They’re a beautiful way to cherish the people that helped you complete your love story and  after all the hustle and bustle of your big day it’s nice to look back and remember the guests that made it so special. However the traditional guest book isn’t for everyone.

If you and your special someone are world travels, or someday hope to be this is the guest book for you! Purchase a large globe and have it placed on a table at your wedding along with a variety of sharpie colors. Guests can either spin the globe and place their finger on a random spot to sign their names or pick a certain place in the world to write their names and a small message. Either way your guests will have a blast signing in and you’ll have a unique way to display your guests in your home.

Give your guests a chance to create a fun photo memory with this fun guest book idea. Display each guests name on a small card that’s hanging from a banner or simply placed on the table. Guests will have the opportunity to take fun and silly photos and replace the card with their photo. If you’re choosing to have a photo booth at your wedding then this is a great way to incorporate that. Once you’ve gathered all the photos you can place them into a photo album or have them displayed on a large board. 


If games are your thing then this guest book idea will be perfect for your wedding. Purchase a Jenga game or seven depending on the size of your wedding. Lay all the pieces out on the signing table along with a large bowl or vase and bright colored sharpies. Guests can write a message and their name on a game piece and toss it into the bowl. After your wedding you’ll be able to play the game while enjoying the memories left on each piece.

If your looking for something more simple then it’s a great idea to have a large wooden cutout made of the first initial of your last name. This could also be done with wooden cut outs of “Mrs&Mr, Love, Last Name” or anything that you would like. Leave the wooden cutout on a large table with sharpies and guests will then have the chance to sign their names and leave a small message. Once your wedding is over you’ll be able to hang your guest book in your home.

If you’re still stumped on a modern guest book idea remember that anything that is personal and meaningful can be used. Good luck and happy planning!


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