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Is Your Wedding Tax Deductable?!

It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. You have your dress, the church, the flowers, food…and the list goes on! Too bad you cant use it as a tax write off….or can you?!?!?!
For those of you planning your wedding this year, here is a tax deduction or two to keep in mind.
One of your biggest expenses are your venues. You have to get married somewhere! Whether you are getting married at a church or some where less traditional it may be tax deductible. Some churches charge a ceremony fee. If you are a member you may want to ask if they waive the ceremony fee if you donate to a certain level through out the year. Double bonus…your fee is waived and it’s a tax write off! When looking at places to hold your reception, look into your state and national parks or historical places. The fee you pay may be a deductible donation!
Instead of spending money on those silly candies and trinkets that get left behind for wedding favors, pick a charity and donate on behalf of your wedding guests.
After the wedding is over have someone drop off any extra food you may have or fresh flowers to a non profit organization. Your local homeless shelters or women’s center can give you a receipt and you can deduct the value of the items donated on your taxes all while giving back to the community! If you can part with your wedding dress, you can donate that along with bridesmaid and flower girl dresses to non-profit organizations as well! Making Memories or will gladly take your dresses!
Brides make sure you keep your receipts and contracts so you have them at tax time and enjoy the little extra cash you get back in your refund!

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