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Bridesmaids Dresses Count too!

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Yes- choosing your Bridesmaids in the first place can be intimidating . Yes- as a bridesmaid they have the duty to be your special assistant and help make your day one that you will never forget. And most importantly, Yes- the right dress is important on your big day! After all your bridesmaids will be making you look amazing too.

Choosing the bridesmaids dress style can be a very daunting task as a Bride; you have so many other items of business to take care of!

Since the bridesmaids typically pay the bill for their own dresses, it is very helpful as the Bride to take the entire crew shopping together. Involving your bridesmaids with the process of choosing a dress helps out a lot considering a lot of ladies can be fairly uneasy with being in a dress in the lime light.

In general a bridesmaids dress will cost anywhere from between $75 and $400 depending on style and alterations that may need to be completed. If you have more lavish of tastes, just make sure your bridesmaids are able to afford such expenses. Conflicts of expense should never come between a bride and bridesmaids so don’t worry too much and just make sure everyone is on the same page.

As for choosing the style and color of dress a lot of factors may be considered. Unlike previously, today it is acceptable to not have identical dresses for every bridesmaid. Depending on your wants and taste, the dresses can all be different or alike depending on what you fancy. The current trend seems to be letting each bridesmaid choose her own style dress; this not only suits the bridesmaids well but also take a load off of your own shoulders as the bride. Simply giving the girls a color you want to see and letting them determine the rest may be the most stress-free option and is much more common recently. Many designers offer different styles while still using the same fabric and color. If complementing the colors of the wedding is the route you want to take then that is perfectly reasonable as well!

You are going to want dresses that complement your bridal gown without looking to similar as to detract from your beauty on YOUR day so just try and make sure the dresses really add to the atmosphere.

As far as style, a-line skirts and empire waists are helpful when helping every body style look good in the same dress (if this is the route you go). The empire waist is great for even bridesmaids whom are pregnant because this style is very universal and flows outward beginning at the bust line. Obviously one size doesn’t fit all when you consider body types so just try and keep that in mind when you take the girls out shopping.

It is very important however, that all the dresses are ordered from the same manufacturer at the same shop so that all the orders are completed at the same time. You do not want a last minute issue where a bridesmaid is not properly ready for your big day.

As long as you keep in mind the look you want and that modern options are available, then this part of the process should be smooth and enjoyable. Just remember to take into account color, style, body size, and most importantly the look you want!

If you are looking for places in the Illinois area to start the bridesmaids search a few options to consider include:

You can go to Chicago, but why we have a fantastic shop right here in Central Illinois.  Michelle’s Bridal and Tuxedo located in Champaign.  Hands down they have the best selection and fantastic customer service!

But if you want to go to  Chicago her are a few suggestions:

White Satin Bridal in Plainfield, IL just outside of chicago. To make an appt.: (815) 609-0031

Bella Bridesmaid in Chicago IL (a much more modern look). To make an appt.: (312) 943-0344

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