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How to Change Your Name after the Wedding

It’s after the wedding…NOW WHAT? Changing your name-How!

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The excitement of the day is gone.  You have been running around like crazy for twelve months and now it is all over.  But is it?  There are a few loose ends you have to tie up to make it legal.  Yes you still have a few more things to do if you are going to change your maiden name to your married name.  You are now a Sadie.

Please Note:  You cannot change your name until after you’re married because you need a marriage certificate.  Your marriage certificate  comes from the county or country where you’re married.  So remember, if you are you’re planning to leave the country for your honeymoon, then you should use your maiden name to purchase your plane tickets.  You will not have time to get your  passport or drivers license changed with your new name because you cannot change your name until AFTER  you are married.  So you’ll need your tickets to match your documentation to travel or you won’t travel!

The first place to start is the Social Security office You can download the form. Three simple steps that is all it takes.

You need a Social Security number to get a job, collect Social Security benefits, School Grants, loans, and  other government services.  You don’t often need to show your Social Security card, in fact it is not wise to even carry your card with you.  You must change your Social Security Card when you change your name after you are married.  If you choose not to change your maiden name then you don’t have to do anything.

Here is a list of some basic places that you will need to make the change.  I love this link to a great printable checklist

Drivers License Most Department of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) will change it with a copy of a marriage certificate, although some require you to wait until your social security card has been changed check with your local DMV for their rules.

Employee Records You will want to make an appointment with your HR department at work and make sure your employment record is updated.

A few other places to consider:

School Records

Car Registration

Insurance Policies

Social Security

Voter Registration


Bank Account(s)



Property Titles

Post Office

Safety Deposit Box




Utility Companies

Magazine Subscriptions

Club Memberships

Credit Cards

Yes there are a few sites that can help you through the change for a fee


Miss Now Mrs.

It may seem a little overwhelming but just take a few at a time and the list will eventually shrink and soon you will be writing your new name as smoothly as your maiden name.  Come on now we all know you have been scribbling Mrs. ………  for months now!

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