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How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers


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Well have we done our due diligence and booked a DJ?  Who did you go with?  Email us and let us know at

Now comes the fun part.  Flowers.  You can go as crazy as you want, but remember your budget!

When you see a couple’s wedding pictures, what do you see in every picture?  Your bouquet.  Your bouquet is the wrong place to try and save money.  Instead, save money by scaling down on the bridesmaid’s bouquets and focus on your flowers.  Remember, it will be a picture of you and your husband that will be hanging on your wall thirty years from now, and what will be in that picture?  Your wedding bouquet!  Flowers are a living product, so you have to trust your florist.  If something goes wrong, will they be there for you?  If an hour after receiving your Calla lilies, you notice they are wilting, what will the florist do?  Make sure your florist has your back.

The floral people we work with here at Simple Elegance Events and Wedding Design have, if needed, redone bouquets, or upgraded bouquets if something has goes wrong.  It is important to know prior to the wedding if your florist will be there for you.  Talk with your florist about what you want.  Tell them about your dream bouquet, can you afford it?  If not, can you substitute a more economical flower to make the bouquet more affordable, keeping the look you want?  When you share the types of flowers you want with your florist, listen carefully to their advice.  Your florist has countless hours invested in knowing how flowers respond in different seasons and situations.  Draw upon their experience.  Outside wedding in August and you want tulips???  Make sure you are comfortable with any person with whom you work with.

There are some things to keep in mind about Holidays and cost of flowers.  Red Roses will cost you more In February!  Also, is it in season?  If it is not, it will either not be available or very expensive.

We have worked with some great Florists.  There was a time when we had a Designer on Staff.  She has since gotten so busy in Chicago that we now only use floral designers here in Bloomington, IL.  If you need flowers in the Chicago area, please call her.  She’s tough to get, but maybe you’ll get lucky.  Her name is Cathy and she can be reached at 630-675-2888.

You can expect to pay (these are averages and depend on the type of flowers you choose);

Bridal Bouquet $100-$185 on up

Bridesmaids $45-95 on up

Boutonnieres $9 – $15 on up

Corsages for the Wrist $18 – 30 on up and Pin-on $15 on up

Average Centerpiece $65 on up

We highly recommend these three florists to work with.  Good, honest people!  Fantastic work.  Very creative.  I can’t say enough!

CM Flowers and Cake

Flowers by Kristine

Forget Me Not Flowers

So call them to get the creative juices flowing.  Tell them Margaret from Simple Elegance sent you.

What to do on your Floral Appointment

Bring pictures and ideas with you to share with your designer.  Have your Fiance go with you, get his input.  If not, have your Mom or your Maid of Honor go with you, but don’t bring too many people.  It muddies the water.  Too many cooks in the kitchen, if you get what I mean.  Flowers are a personal thing.  Make sure they reflect who you are!

Have fun! Remember though, keep things in perspective.

Until tomorrow.

2012 Margaret Moore,
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