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Making the Guys Look Good

Guys Tuxes

Guys always look great in a Tux!

When picking out your tuxes you need to keep in mind the formality of your event. An ultra formal event calls for an ultra formal tux, possibly one with tails. However, a more casual affair may call for suit pants and a sports coat. Keep in mind the formality of the bride’s gown, the time of day, and location of your wedding.

When going to pick out your tuxes you may want to bring along with you a swatch of your bridesmaid dresses so you can make sure the colors will compliment each other.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when picking out a tuxes for your groomsmen:

  • Muscular and tall men should go for a clean, smooth look. Pleated shirts or double-breasted jackets should be avoided as they add unwanted bulk.


  • Short and slim body types should steer clear of double-breasted jackets, which look too large on their frame.


  • If you’re short and broad, you should stick with a single-breasted jacket.


  • Men with a heavy waist will want to choose a vest rather than a cummerbund, to draw attention away from their waistline and up toward their face.

One thing to be sure of is that you have your groomsmen try on their tuxes as soon as they can the week of your wedding. Very rarely do tuxes NOT have to be altered or exchanged. Do NOT let them wait until the morning of your wedding to try on their tuxes and/or shoes.

Here’s the link to a video that will give you an overview of tuxes:

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