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More on Invitations, Save the Date, and Programs for your Wedding!

Save the Date Card Simple Elegance Events and Wedding Designs

Save the Date 7 Eleven Theme

So did you realize there was so much to invitations!  I know when I started in this business I didn’t.  Invitations just like everything else that you select reflects you and your fiance’s personalities.  The invitation will set the tone for the wedding itself.  Let me back up for a minute.  The Save the Date card will set the tone for the weddding, if you choose to send them out.  Personally I think it is a good idea.  Life is so busy and peopl’s lives are so cramped , this gives people plenty of time to put you on their calender. 

 So let’s start there first;  Save the Dates Should You Send them?  What are they?  (This is for those usually, sorry Grooms and Dads that just can’t figure this one out.)  When do I send them? Do I send them to everyone that I invite?   Well let’s get at it..

Save-the-dates are not absolutely necessary.   They  have become popular, especially with  destination weddings and many Brides and Grooms have guest lists that spread around the country.  Because they are a relatively a new  concept, you are not going to find any “Emily Post” etiquette rules which unfortunately causes confusion for brides when planning their wedding stationery.  Here is some information and conclusions Simple Elegance has drawn about Save the Dates and this is the advice we give to our Brides.

Who Needs them?
If your guest list includes a number of out-of-towners.  Holidays and other peak times, like did you know most families take vacations in July/August?   If your wedding falls into any of  these categories than yes you should send out  save-the-dates.  Invitations go out  6-8 weeks (Do it 8 weeks it makes life so much easier)  before the big day, save-the-dates are the way to give your guests a heads up so they can begin making travel arrangements. These days, however, more and more brides send these cards regardless of the time and location of their wedding. Why? Save-the-dates provide a fun opportunity to get the word out.  NOTE;  This is where you need to think of the big picture.  Your Save the Dates begin the Process of BRANDING  your wedding.  The colors, the font, you can even create a logo for your wedding, cool hey!  Save the Dates will also set the tone of your wedding.  Are you doing a Shabby Chic wedding?  Formal Black Tie?  Outdoor, Beach wedding?  Get the point!  You want your wedding to be cohesive so you start at the beginning and work your main ideas through everything, it is like telling the story of the day, of your life.  Everything begins and ends with your theme.   

 Rules & Etiquette
 The only information  to include is:  your names,  wedding date (OBVIOUSLY) , and  the location information so  guests can begin their travel plans.  You will want to send  them 4-6 months prior to your wedding, for weddings that are during Holidays or prime vacation times it may be wise to send them as early as a year ahead. Remember, everyone who receives a save-the-date also receives an invitation!  What does this mean?  Your guest list must be final!  It is rude to send a Save the Date to a guest then realize you have to cut them from your guest list!   You can always add guests later (there is no rule that says everyone has to receive a save-the-date card).  Do your due diligence and consider those that have to make travel arrangements!   Although formal replies are not required, you can get preliminary attendance estimates through word-of-mouth or through email.  A great thing to include on your Save the Date Cards is your wedding websites.  I personally like tell them Simple Elegance Events and Wedding Designs sent you.  You  canalso  read our reviews on Wedding Wire, nice plug for us.  I like Wedding Wire because it is one of the few wedding sites that does include Central Illinois!  No we are not Chicago or St. Louis but we are somebody!  We will talk about personal websites on another day.    Make sure you visit CWG Invites and talk to Sarah about her work.  Fabulous Affiairs is also another great source!  Don’t forget to tell them Margaret at Simple Elegance sent you.

We will talk more about invitations cost, wording and when to send them tomorrow. 

Remember Keep things in perspective, see ya tomorrow!

2010 Margaret Moore,
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