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My Daughter’s Wedding

It is a bitter sweet moment in life when you realize that the time to really let go has finally arrived.  Oh yeah we say that when our kids go off to college but really we don’t let go.  They think they are on their own but they’re not.  You are right there to catch them when they fall .  I know you will always be there  but when a girl leaves her father’s house and becomes a wife things change.  She has started a new family, and yes now, they these two must become one.  So as a parent it is a bitter sweet moment.   I thought I would share my thoughts with all those Moms out there getting ready for their daughter’s weddings.  We did a great job raising our daughters.  The joy and excitement of a wedding is still shadowed by the fact that our little girl has grown.  We are happy, yet we miss that little hand in ours!

Watch the Video Highlights of her wedding by clicking this link.

Josh and Mary 07-11-2009 from Premier Productions on Vimeo.

These beautiful photos are by Romine Photography Mark did an amazing Job!

[cincopa AgMA4pqbp47w]
Here is a poem by Judith Bond I share with many of our Bride and Groom’s Moms. I hope you enjoy it.

And Suddenly

And suddenly a child is born, a gift from God to you.

She learns to walk, she learns to talk, and

Suddenly – She’s two.

As years go by, a young girl grows, all bright, alert

and alive.  She learns to read and write and

Suddenly – She’s Five.

And all the time it seems to be, she hardly changes when,

she’s caught with mommy’s high heels on and

Suddenly – She’s Ten.

And through it all you watch this child.  The years have

gently flown.  She turns to you to wave goodbye, and

Suddenly – She’s Grown.

OK I am now going to get some tissue!

So you’re getting married?  Keep it in perspective.  Enjoy the Moment.

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