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“No Wind, No Rain could stop this Day” Diana Ross could not have said it better!

Katy and Ryan

"No Wind, No Rain" could stop this day

 Photo courtesy of Mark Romine

 September 25, 2010 started out as a beautiful sunny fall day.  So there was a chance for rain, how bad could it get?  Let me tell you the temperature dropped and the guests from Texas were freezing.   The beautiful outdoor wedding remained beautiful but wet.  My heart sank as I saw Katy walk out of the dressing room, she looked so worried.  It was no surprise that her thoughts were about her friends and family.  She said, “I just want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves.”  I hugged her and reassured her that it was going to be wonderful and it was.  You know most Brides would have been thinking about themselves at that moment but not Katy.  Here she was about to walk down the aisle , outside mind you in a light misting rain and her thoughts were about her guests.  What a lovely person she is.  We feel so privileged to have had a share in Katy”s life.  We love her Mom Marian.  She and Katy are so dear together.  Ryan’s Mom Kathy was so helpful.  You see why we love this job.

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