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Sweetheart Table – Is it the better choice?

Why to choose a Sweetheart table?


There are so many decisions to make. You have finally chosen the bridal party, your dress and the tuxes and now you are planning your reception. The color is chosen and your centerpieces are designed. You are working on the seating chart and the big question arises…do we have a head table with our bridal party or do we want a sweetheart table? I am going to share with you some reasons a sweetheart table may be the better choice.


Private time….

Planning your wedding has been very stressful and you finally get to celebrate the day you have always dreamed of. You have been surrounded by family and friends. Having your beloved one by your side will give you the opportunity to share your intimate personal thoughts with each other for a few minutes while you enjoy your first meal as husband and wife without being distracted by others. You can sit back and enjoy watching your guests at the celebration you have been planning for months.


One less decision….

By choosing a sweetheart table you will not have to make decisions regarding who your bridal party will be sitting beside. You will not have to make the choice of who will sit next to the bride and groom, your family member or your best friend.


Making your bridal party happy….

Have you ever gone to a wedding with your significant other who is in the bridal party and seated at the head table. There you are sitting at a table by yourself with strangers. By choosing to have a sweetheart table you can allow your bridal party to sit with their partners so both of them can enjoy the celebration.


Picture Perfect….

By choosing the sweetheart table you will allow your photographer extra time to capture some of your intimate moments at your first meal as husband and wife as you host your first party. You can create a very romantic backdrop and table décor that will make your photographs more striking.


No matter what choice you make, a head table or a sweetheart table, make sure it is what you want and what you are comfortable with. Today it is totally acceptable to make either choice. If you choose a sweetheart table you will have plenty of time after your first meal together to spend time with family and friends during the reception.


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