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Wedding DJ Elite Entertainment

Monthly Vendor Spotlight:  Elite Entertainment
Why Elite is great for DJ and lighting

By Hannah Kiefer

Wedding Reception Uplighting and DJ

Elite Entertainment DJ Entertainment and More!

Looking for a great DJ for your reception? Need someone to do the lights, too? Make sure to check out Elite Entertainment, a full-time professional DJ and lighting company that specializes in weddings. Elite will invest countless hours into making your reception both unique and memorable. Their work is nothing less than fantastic! Check out these photos at:

Not only does Elite do a phenomenal job, but they also offer a variety of chair covers, sashes, and linens through their sister company, Elite Chair Covers.

Read through our interview with owner Ryan Mennenga to learn more about Elite Entertainment and why you should hire them for your wedding reception!

Ryan’s advice on entertainment

SE: What is one thing you wish brides would remember when it comes to their wedding entertainment?
Just remember, entertainment usually makes up only 5-10% of a wedding budget, but it’s 80% of what your guests will remember once the reception is over.

SE: How does music change the atmosphere of the reception?
Music can change the atmosphere of your wedding emotionally and physically and varies throughout the night. For example, a couple’s first dance always creates an emotional high for all family and friends. This is why we spend so much time with the couple to create a music selection that will create unique and unforgettable moments for the couple, their family, and their guests.

What Ryan has to say about lighting

SE: What is one thing you wish brides would remember when it comes to lighting?
It’s amazing how much of a difference lighting can make to a room. We can take any room and completely transform the look and feel of it.

SE: How does uplighting change the atmosphere of the reception?
By adding uplighting, the room will look very elegant, and it will also be warm and inviting for their guests.

Why you should hire Elite Entertainment

SE:  What makes your style of entertainment/lighting unique?
EE: I believe the customization of our monograms, quality of our uplighting, and personal service is what separates us from other companies. Regarding our DJ services, we are a full-time, professional DJ company, and we specialize in weddings. We invest a lot of time and energy to make sure everything runs smoothly and that everyone has a great time. Since every wedding is different, we always meet with every client to discuss the details of what they’re wanting. I believe our uplighting is the most custom in the area. Experience is king when it comes to uplighting, and we started the trend around here in 2006. Our receptions are much more elaborate and custom. By adding patterns to the ceiling or wall along with drapery, our events have a much more complete look. By only adding uplighting, most conference center ballrooms have a very one-dimensional look to them.

SE:  What is your advice to a bride as they look for an entertainment/lighting vendor?
EE: Quality. We want brides to remember that when you speak with a full-time professional, our prices may seem high in comparison to other part-time DJ’s who just do this on the side for extra money. The difference between Elite and other DJ’s is that we put a tremendous amount of time and effort into each wedding we do. I feel the quality of our work is far superior when it comes to overall service, presentation, and customization. Also, most people don’t realize that a full-service disc jockey company will normally invest 15 to 20 hours on your special event, but it may appear that you are only paying for “5 hours of music.” The fact is, music makes up only about 30% of what we actually do. It is the other 70% (preparation, planning, coordinating, etc) that makes the event a success. As far as lighting goes, again, it’s all about experience.

Elite Entertainment contact info

Interested? Check out their website at, or contact them at or 217-363-3200.

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