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Wedding Invitations: How to Save Money. Online options.

Have you ever wondered about saving money on sending out electronic wedding invitations rather than going the traditional route of mailing out printed invitations?


Some may consider online invitations to be tacky.  However, today many people pay far more attention to their inbox rather than their mailbox!  You may wonder if your Grandmother would even consider reading her email, so perhaps you could do a combination of online and printed invitations for your guests.

There are many sites that offer a variety of online wedding invitation styles and formats to suit your needs.  You could possibly send out simple, printed invitations to close family and relatives less likely to desire an email invite, and email out a well thought out invitation to friends you are close with and know are in constant touch via communication devices. is a site that makes great personalized electronic invitations.  Using electronic invitations is not only cost friendly, but also saves the environment.


Your photos, your music, your colors, your theme, your story!  Create a personalized digital wedding invitation and send it to all of your friends and family to view online.  It’s a great replacement or supplement to traditional paper invites and there’s no postage needed.

Online invitations are helpful to your guests, as well, because they cannot be lost!  Also, with online invitations you can add music and your own special photos to add a more personal touch.

If you need the traditional printed invitations to suit your style and want to elicit emotion, then designing a delicate and stunning printed invitation may be essential.  This, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot utilize the internet and online resources.  The internet is a great way to reinforce information that you send to your guests, such as driving directions or hotel information for their convenience, via your wedding website or an emailed newsletter for example.

Facebook registries can be helpful with easy networking among all of your friends and family, and you can browse many internet design sites to help determine what style you want if you decide formally printed invitations are best.

At the end of the day, whether you use printed, online, or a combination of invitations, it is your choice.  Your wedding day is all about you and whatever fits your wants and needs is what you should go with!  Make your invitations say something about you and have fun with it.

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