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Wedding Photography Kelly Lyle

Gorgeous Wedding Rings

Ribbons in the Wind Kelly Lyle Photography finds meaning in every picture he takes

Photography is an art form and Kelly Lyle is a true artist.  Kelly photographs a wedding in such a way that you can live the day by just viewing the photos of the day.  You can feel the emotion in every shot.  He will make you laugh.  Please visit his website and view his fantastic photos.   We asked Kelly a few questions, here is what he had to say;

What is one thing you wish brides would remember when it comes to their wedding photos?

“Long after the day your wedding photos will capture memories unlike any thing else. There is something special and unique about photographs. We treasure photographs because when we see them again and again they remind our senses of so many things associated with the moment. The light. The glimmer in an eye. A tear on a cheek. The movement of a hand. The emotion of a heart. Having a professional who is focused on photographing the wedding day allows him or her to search for such images.”

 What makes your style of photography unique?

“I would say that the style of our photography is best described as “blended”. Sarah and I are from two generations. We both enjoy being creative, trying new things, and getting “the shot” that will make each other jealous. We also know that fine portraiture needs to be a part of every wedding day as well. Photojournalistic images will fill a wedding album, but often many members of the family desire traditional portraits for wall hangings or placing on the fireplace mantel as well. I like to think that we blend two worlds through our perspectives. By concentrating on being wholistic in our approach we are able to satisfy the desires of many different people throughout the day. We don’t limit ourselves by proclaiming to be pure documentary photographers, nor do we feel that every scene needs to be manipulated. We flow in and out of the wedding day as the demands change. At times, we are photojournalistic, at other times, we create amazing portraits, and still at other times, we coach the couple to help create moments to emphasize their closeness and love.”

 What is your advice to a bride as they look for a photographer?

“First and foremost, look at a photographers portfolio and determine if you are happy with their style. And dig deeper than the slide shows posted on the opening page of a website. Ask a photographer to see a complete wedding album. You need to see how a photographer covers an entire day. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a complete album by one of my heroes, Joe Buissink. Joe’s photography is amazing…so romantic, so spontaneous, so gorgeous.

 Some of his wedding albums were available to look through at one of his classes I attended. I flipped through the album surprised. Some of the images looked like any photographer from any wedding, while others were full of his personal style. Seeing the whole album helped me see more of Joe’s style.

Secondly, the personality of the photographer should mesh with yours. You should feel some chemistry between you. The photographer, of all the vendors, is the one who is with you when you change your clothes to when you have your last kiss of the day. With such intimate access to you, your family and friends, and the most celebrated day of your life, personality is everything.

Thirdly, determine what professional affiliations the photographer has and what course work he or she has completed. True, natural artist do emerge, but education always helps provide a professional with a cutting edge.

 Fourth, determine what equipment the photographer will be bringing to the event. Ask the photographer how his or her equipment will handle low light and how they use flash. Stammering over these questions is not a good sign. Ask the photographer if he or she has back up equipment and how many cameras and lenses are used to cover the day.

Finally, ask the photographer if he or she will create a custom collection of items YOU would like to have in a collection of deliverables. More and more brides want the digital files of their day, and in today’s digital age it is very understandable, however, once the digital files are released to the client, the photographers revenue stream dries up. It is not uncommon for after event sales of prints to range from $2,000.00 – $5,000.00 Professional photographers need to generate enough income to support themselves as well as keep their gear in good working condition.”

Don’t hesitate to contact Kelly for your day.

Kelly Lyle Photography




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