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Wedding Planning Explained

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Planning, planing, planning…..things can get crazy in the process.  How do you keep from going crazy?  You have a tight budget and you cannot afford to hire a planner, so what do you do?  You enlist volunteers!  This does mean you become a tyrant.  I am sure you have plenty of people that love you.. at least I hope you do.  I am sure you do.  Keep it simple.  I mean really keep it simple.  Your bridal party for example the more you have the crazier and costlier it becomes.  So what is wrong with only having three bridesmaids???  Nothing!  You cannot have every childhood friend in your wedding!  Keep it simple.  Your guest list.  You cannot invite everyone to your wedding.  I know she was your sorority sister but really you have to draw the line somewhere.  Keep it simple!  I hear girls all the time say, “I just  hate the chairs at my reception and I hate white linens my venue provides.”  OK, well learn to use what you have and take advantage of what comes in your package.  So you don’t want white tablecloths add colored napkins for a pop of quick affordable color.  Keep it simple.  Money is tight so don’t hire the limo.  Remember the good old days when they decorated cars and drove to the reception beeping their horns?  I remember that, it was fun!  Just keep it simple.  The more you do the more you have to clean at the end of the night!  Keep it simple really do you want to be up until 2 am tearing down a reception room?

Three words…


You need a work force for free!  Here is a dandy list for you to copy and print off.  Ask your family for help and assign those that you trust a few duties.  Don’t overload just one person.  If you keep a list of who is doing what and are nice you will be surprised at how much smoother things will run.  So you can’t afford a planner, that’s OK.  You have family and friends and if you can’t use your family and friends who can you use!  That is what having family and friends is all about.

 Wedding Day Volunteer List and Schedule


Ceremony Set Up/Decorations Coordinator

Ceremony Flower Assistant

(gives out bouquets/boutonnieres to all attendants, family, etc) Ceremony Greeter(s)

(welcome guests, pass out programs, birdseed, bubbles, etc) Guest Book Attendant (at both Ceremony and Reception) Ceremony Gift Coordinator (takes gifts to reception) Bride’s Assistant (take Bride’s personal belongings

from ceremony to reception) Ceremony Clean Up Team

Photographer’s Assistant (helps photographer with who’s who in family, wedding party, etc)

Reception Set Up/Decorations Coordinator Reception Greeter(s) (welcome guests, direct them to coat room, restrooms, tables, refreshments, etc)

Gift Table Attendant (be sure cards are secured to gifts) Reception Cleanup Team (if not provided by site or caterer) Gift Delivery Person (takes gifts from reception to bride

and groom’s home)

Rental Item Return Coordinator

Tuxedo Return Person

Once you have made a few assignments make a schedule and let people know when things need to be done.

Wedding Day Schedule:

    time:                       item to complete:


You can also join Simple Elegance for our Free Workshops to help you plan your day.

“How to Have a Dream Wedding Instead of a Nightmare!”

Today April 10, 2012 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM at

 “The Wedding Gallery”

Located at 1701 south Veteran’s Parkway in Bloomington (right next to Starbucks’  on Veteran’s and Morrissey

We hope to see you.  If not just take this simple advice and enjoy your day!


Simple Elegance



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