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Wedding Videographer Every Moment Productions

Summer Bride and Groom

A Beautiful Summer Wedding all Caught on Film

Watch Their Highlights

Daniel and Rachel Jones, owners of Every Moment Productions, are committed to high-quality videography created in a fun and enjoyable environment. They strive to give each couple an “in-depth replay of what made your day so extraordinary”. Every Moment Productions is located in Charleston, IL and travels all over the Central Illinois area.

See some of their sample videos at:

Every Moment Productions provides a wide array of package options, and offer a special Flip camera package that loans the cameras out to the wedding party to document the days leading up to the wedding. They can also provide a photo slideshow, sound systems, and a “growing up” photo montage.

Dan gave us his advice on wedding videography; see below for his insights!

What is your advice to a bride as they look for a videographer?

Wedding couples should do their homework. It is best to find another married couple or wedding professional, someone who has first-hand experience with a particular company, when you are looking for a videographer. Going to a videographer’s website to view previous work is also essential when trying to assess abilities. Remember, though, a two-to-three minute piece that is posted may have been slaved over for many hours and might not reflect a company’s actual work, so ask for an real wedding DVD or demo to determine if what they do is right for you. On the other hand, be cautious if no prior work is posted and the videographer will not send out a demo for viewing; these may be signs of an unprofessional “camera operator.” Professional videographers, professional equipment, and a pleasant yet professional attitude are also key when making this important hiring decision.

What is one thing you wish brides would remember when it comes to their wedding videography ?

If wedding couples could remember one thing, it is to ask if they employ more than one videographer. One is fine, but there are only so many angles that a single videographer can cover. For instance, if you have a large reception hall, one videographer can film the first dance, but no one else is available to capture the parents’ reactions. Two videographers with two cameras can cover many more angles and shots than one videographer can, maximizing the coverage of your special day.

What makes your style of videography unique?

Every Moment Productions stands out above other companies is because we cater solely to weddings.  We have honed our craft over time and can easily maneuver through any type of wedding. Our videographers are the eyes and ears of the hectic yet happy day and can capture times and moments the bride and groom did not even know or remember happened.  We do not go back in the editing process and make a false representation, we film and edit in a documentary-style that tells the true story, one that cannot be faked. When the happy couple receive and watch their wedding DVD to look back on their special day, they will be glad Every Moment Productions was there.

See the Every Moment Productions website (, or call 217-218-6638 for more information.

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