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Wedding Day Music


A Wedding Day

What Music Do You Want as You Walk Down the Aisle


We have gone through alot of information.  How is your budget looking?  Have you added things up lately?   Where do we stand on your checklist?   You should, hopefully by now have your checklist crossed off!  We have two things left to talk about.  Limousines and Wedding Ceremony Music.  Here is your checklist, what does your’s look like?

  • X Catering (if not provided by your reception venue)
  • X Reception Venue
  • X Ceremony (if he/she is not already part of your ceremony site)
  • X Flowers
  • X Music
  • X Photography
  • X Videography 
  • X Cakes (if not provided by your reception venue or caterer)
  • X Dresses
  • X Stationery & Invitations
  • Transportation
  • Ceremony Music
  • X Favors & Gifts

Ceremony Music  Don’t forget the music for the most important part of the day.

What type of music do you want at your ceremony?  Do they have an Organist?  Piano?  Do you want a  String Trio or String Quartet?  What about a Harp and Flute?

Try to see your wedding as the perfect romantic movie with different “scenes.”  You will need the right musical score to add the necessary drama  that will highlight your day.  Here are your scenes.

  • Pre Ceremony Music
  • Wedding Processional / Bride’s Entrance
  • Wedding Hymns and Blessings
  • Unity Candle Songs
  • Wedding Recessional or Exit Songs 


It is basically your preference.  If your ceremony venue has music available it may be more cost effective to utilize what is there.  If you want something more classical, like a trio, quartet, or harp and flute.

  • String Duo (two violins or violin and cello)
  • String Trio (two violins and cello)
  • Flute Trio (flute, violin, and cello)
  • String Quartet (two violins, viola, and cello)

Another suggestion Bagpiper  Love this Guy call Ted!

Bagpiper leading the wedding

A Bagpiper Adds a Dramatic Touch to the Ceremony

Here are some great people to call.  They start at $250/hour.

Topaz Strings

The 1st Choice Agency or directly at

We have also been very successful with a group of Illinois Wesleyan Students.  Call me, Margaret 309-706-1686 and I  will give you their information.  I don’t want to post students info on the internt for safely reasons, you understand. 

Harp and Flute

Rex Moore (Yes He is my brother in law without trying to sound biased They are really wonderful) Call me, Margaret 309-706-1686  I will give you his number he does a very limited number of weddings per year. �

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Transportation!  Do you need a limo?  Do you need a Limo Bus? 

First determine the number of people you want to transport.  Do you want your entire wedding party together?  or Do you want a cozy ride with just the two of you to the reception? 

Here are two great Limo Companies in Central Illinois.  We have worked with both companies and they are both fantastic!  A limo bus will run you around  $500 give or take.  If you just need a pick up after the ceremony call and check on a pick up price rather than a 4 hour rental. 

Elegant Limosuines

Star Limousines

If you are looking at your budget and are getting close, you might want it to just be the two of you being wisked away to the reception and assign your bridal party to drive together in designated vehicles.  Or you can do it the old fashion way: decorate your car and your bridal party in their cars and beep your way to the reception.

So, you are getting married.  Keep it in perspective.  Enjoy the moment!

2010 Margaret Moore,
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Receive Your Complimentary Guide on “How to Plan YOUR Wedding for A to Z”
Please provide us with your email address and we will send you this special issue


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