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Your Green Wedding Eco Friendly Wedding Dress

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I hope you enjoyed the slide show.  These were two beautiful weddings that have some fantastic decor that truly were Eco Friendly.  Each Bride went to great lengths to find things that were unique to them.  They used Burlap for chair sashes and table runners.  You can see the used candle holders, lovely antique bowls, and pitchers that were used to display their centerpieces. Many of the items you have seen were purchased at local garage sales, estate sales, antique stores, and Grandma’s attic.  Having a Green Wedding isn’t as easy as you thought.  Trying to do the right thing may not be easy but it is truly worth the effort.  OK so you have the venue picked out.  Wow that can be a challenge.

Now what?

Well there are many things to consider when you think about your carbon footprint.  Are you the person who wants everything to be green?  I mean everything?  You must then consider many factors in all of your purchasing decisions.  Or are you the type that wants to do the best you can but you realize you must be reasonable?  You may find out that not all vendors in your area are keen to share your environmental concerns.  I am sorry but that is just the ignorance of people.  I will say if you are in a larger metropolitan area you will have a better chance of finding resources.  If you are from a small community your choices will be limited.  Try to be understanding.  It may not be that people don’t want to help.  It may be that there just isn’t a resource.  But maybe you can start a trend!

Remember everything you buy or rent for your wedding will have an environmental  impact.    Talk to your caterers to use organic local in season produce, even if you are from a small town I am sure they have a Farmer’s Market.  Use your local resources. Talk to the caterer about using only in season fruits and veggies.   It saves energy by reducing the shipping and no energy is wasted on “Hot House” tomatoes or any other veggie that is not in season.

What about your dress?  What is it made of?  There are several options  for finding an eco-wedding dress.  You can use local and handmade, used or vintage, try a new designer or even rent a dress.  Yes I said rent!  If the dress is new or being made for you, look to have it made from sustainable fabrics, like hemp, peace silk, organic cotton, bamboo, other silk blends, or vintage fabrics.  Silk is used to create breathtaking wedding dresses.  You should know the hidden truth behind commercial silk.  Commercial silk products are created by boiling whole cocoons that are later unraveled onto reels into a single silk strand. The process kills the silkworm found inside just so the silk fibers stay intact and produce a continuous strand.  This might encourage you to seek out the rare and less readily available option of “peace silk.”  While it may save time and energy, it is unnecessary to kill the silkworm, as the silk can still be spun like other fibers if the moths are allowed to live. “Vegetarian Silk” The process of creating peace silk differs from most commercial endeavor, as the silkworm is allowed to live out its full life cycle, thus gaining the nickname of “vegetarian silk.”   A great resource for sustainable fabrics is  Ask your seamstress for local fabric wholesalers in or around your area.  You might just be surprised in what you find.

Vintage or used?  There are tons of great online resources.  Check out Vintage Wedding Dresses  (They are remodeling their website but be sure to check back at the end of July for their new look.) You can also go online to Cherished Bride.  Used dresses, can be found on  Ebay, Craigslist, or trunk shows for Brides Against Breast Cancer. Do a local search for a large city near you.  Here is a great place in Chicago  Hey and believe it or not Macy’s offers a line of Eco Friendly Gowns from Adele Wechsler  Don’t forget about your local thrift stores call around you might  find the bargain of a lifetime!

Don’t forget the local Bridal Shops.  I know Michelle at Michelle’s Bridal in Champaign and Janice at Adore Bridal Shop in Morton.  They  are fantastic and can help you with any questions you have about your dress and how to make it Eco Friendly.

Next time we will talk invitations.

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