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Cost of Invitations. Do I need a Program for the Ceremony?

Match Your Invitation To Your Event
Your wedding budget will dictate your invitation look and expense. If you are inviting guests for a 5-star dinner, you are still on a budget but you will likely also be planning to spend a hefty amount on the invitations. You will want to find something muted and in good taste to match the tone of your event. Why am I emphasizing matching your invitation to your event because your wedding should have a cohesive look. You want people to say wow everything was so well put together. I just loved their….. You want this to be more than just another wedding. IT’S YOUR WEDDING, MAKE IT DISTINCTIVE! You can get away with spending much less on your stationary, and going for more colorful and unconventional options, if you will be hosting a a less formal ceremon and reception. There are literally hundreds of online shops you can use. The one thing I don’t like about online is the lack of a human if something goes wrong. That is why we send people to Sarah Isbell at CWG invites and Fabulous Affairs-Kacey.

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