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How to Personalize your Wedding Day

Not a moment will go by during the planning process of your wedding where you don’t think about that special someone who made this day possible. It’s the person who will hold your hand through the hard times and be there to enjoy the memories during the good times. The two of you have created an inseparable bond that will last an eternity. Think back to the moment you first locked eyes,  do you remember the smell? Or maybe you remember the song that was playing. All these little factors help create your story, the story of you as a couple. Your wedding day is a moment in time for you to share your story with the ones you both love.

If you are looking to create a wedding that is as memorable as your story then you want to make sure you incorporate your story. Wedding favors, decor, colors, reception, food and even pictures can all help tell your story. Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to make your wedding your own.


Did you fall in love over a sports team or sporting event? You can share this moment in time with your guests by offering sports themed wedding favors or even having a sports themed guest book. You could send out your Save The Date’s on sporting inspired ticket or ticket stub. If you’re wanting to share your love of sports a little more subtle think about incorporating the teams colors into your wedding decor or your wedding parties attire.

Do you share a love of music? Let your guests be apart of that love too. When sending out your RSVP’s leave space for your guests to request a song or two that they love. When it comes time for your DJ to start playing music ask him to make a small speech thanking each guest for their song choice. Your guests will be happy with the music and also feel special that they helped create your wedding play list. If you’d like to get really creative replace table numbers with musician names or song titles. Guests will have a lot of fun looking for their table and seeing what songs and musicians you both chose.

Having your family and friends be apart of your wedding day is something to cherish. To make them feel like they’ve helped you tie the knot have your wedding official to incorporate the guests by having them say “We Do” when you say your “I Do’s”. You’ve not only tied the knot with your soul mate but you’ve tied the knot with your family and friends as well.

With these simple tips and tricks your guests can arrive at your wedding and feel the presence of your story. They’ll be able to look back in time to when you fell in love.      

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