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Keep Calm and Hire a Planner

Congratulations on your engagement! In the upcoming weeks you will begin to plan the wedding of your dreams. You’ll sit down and contemplate 50 different color options, pin every bridal post on Pinterest and listen to hours of romantic songs so you can ensure that your first dance will be straight out of the pages from your favorite fairy tale. Your best friend or should I say your new maid of honor will dedicate the upcoming year to making your special day a reality. What more could a girl possibly need?

Once you’ve floated back down to planet earth you start to realize that your maid of honor has a life of her own and won’t be available at 2 a.m. when you can’t decide on table settings. The colors you thought you were in love with no longer match, and the wedding song you couldn’t live without has become a broken record to your ears. You fall to the floor in a panic and realize your stress level has never been this high. You’re maid of honor will be there to wipe your tears, hand you her cellphone and tell you it’s time to hire a planner.

Whether you’re struggling to decide on flower options or your photographer is a no show 5 minutes before you walk down the aisle, rest assured that you’re new wedding planner will shortly become your right handed woman. She will guide you through the entire process because remember, she’s done this a time or two! She will automatically have a backup plan lined up for every person you’ve hired for your wedding and keep her cool when things don’t go as planned. Her job is to make your wedding a loving memory that you will look back on and smile.

If you’re still unsure if a wedding planner is right for you here’s a list of 10 things your wedding planner will do that might help change your mind:

  1. Create and manage a personalized budget throughout the wedding process.
  2. Schedule all appointments and meetings as necessary.
  3. Pickup and return all bridal party clothing.
  4. Create a wedding website for your guests.
  5.  Handle all last minute details.
  6. Attend all meetings so that you pick the right venue for you.
  7. Help construct seating charts for all guests.
  8. Run personal errands including trips to Starbucks and walking your four legged family members.
  9. Clean up and tear down of reception site.
  10. And most importantly you’re wedding planner will be available by phone or email throughout this entire process.

Take a deep breath, keep calm, and hire your wedding planner.

Start Planning Today!