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Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

Are you just engaged and started on your wedding planning journey? Are you scouring Pinterest for inspiration? Finding gorgeous ideas and wondering just how you can make it happen with your budget?  There are many ways you can save money when planning your wedding.

Here are just a few tips to help you save some money as you plan your big day!



Green Mum Pomador

Ceremony decor can be moved to your reception.
Photo by Mark Romine Photography

Ceremony Decor
Make sure to get the full use out of rental items and flowers. If you are using items to decorate your ceremony site, be sure to have someone transport these items to the reception.  If you are paying for the items you might as well use them in both places.

Linens                                                                                                                                                                                       Linens can take a large chunk out of your budget, especially if you are getting chair covers. However, they make a huge difference in the look of your reception.
Check with your venue or caterer to see if they include linens in their rates.                                                                  One way to add a splash of color to your tables without a large expense is by renting colored napkins to place in the center of your table. Your centerpieces can be set right on top.

Double Duty
You can have your escort “cards” act as your favors for your guests.

Beack Ball Escort Cards

Your “escort cards” can serve double duty as favors as well!

The best decorations for your head table are your  bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. Have empty vases waiting for you on the table and you and your maids can simply drop in your bouquets. They will stay fresh throughout the night and they cost nothing additional!

Alternate your centerpieces. Each table doesn’t have to have a large ornate centerpiece. Mix it up with larger and smaller centerpieces. Not only will you save money, but often times it looks much better and adds some depth to the room.
Silk flowers will not always make things cheaper. In order to get a silk flower that looks as nice as fresh you often times have to spend TWICE the money. If you are seriously considering silk flowers just to save money, get a quote on fresh to make sure you are making the right decision.

Shopping at the Right Time
Another great way to save money is to shop after holiday sales for decorating items. Especially candles and ribbons. After Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day are the best times to get great finds.  Often you can get some really unique items for 50%-90% off.

Have any money saving tips that helped you? Please feel free to share them!!!
2015 Miranda Davis,


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