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Why Hire a Wedding Planner?



So you’re getting married.  How exciting!  As the days tick by and you start planning for the big day, it may become confusing as to how much to spend, where to obtain specialized services, and how to choose vendors. The worries mount as quickly as the cost of the wedding.

After the excitement wears off and the reality settles in, it is shocking to discover how much preparation and cost is involved.
Our Team at Simple Elegance understands the hesitation of many to hire a wedding consultant.  The cost at first may seem unnecessary.

Many brides may be able to handle the stress of finding vendors and comparison-shopping; many cannot due to time constraints or even distance from their event.   Our job is to make this event less stressful, not more stressful by adding another financial burden. However because of our experience, knowledge, and contacts – more times than not we save our brides at least the investment they put into our services.

So why hire Simple Elegance?

You will be faced with decisions about everything from invitation wording to planning of the honeymoon.   How do you get the most for your money?    The average wedding can take more than two hundred fifty hours just to plan. This is our full time job!  It is up to Simple Elegance to analyze your budget, supply you with vendors that fit within that budget to make your day a reality.  You will receive a budget spread sheet to track all of your expenses from beginning to end.  Simple Elegance will provide you with information on vendors with prices and options available.  These comparisons are updated constantly to make sure our brides have the most current prices available, saving hours of time.

Your Decor and Design is a huge chunk of your budget. Do you want people to be wowed when they walk into your wedding?  Pulling your ideas together and forming a workable plan is what we do.  The tables, the centerpieces, the backdrop, the aisle runner…., the list goes on.  What about setting all that up?  Do you want to be running around the morning of your wedding putting on overlays and chargers?  It takes a minimum of 8 hours for our decorators to put together a simple wedding and make it a wow wedding!  What about tearing it all down, at midnight?  Are you ready to go change and tear down decor, make sure rentals are put back into boxes for return?  It usually takes two hours to tear down a reception site.

This is our job.  This is what we do.  The more you do something, the better you are at it.  We are constantly refining the way we prepare brides for their wedding to make sure it is the most cost effective and the most memorable.   We are not here to make decisions for you, but to guide and assist you in making informed decisions. We work at allowing you to use our training, knowledge, and experience into turning your dreams and expectations into reality. We want you to host a beautiful and distinctive event, one which you can enjoy.

We love what we do and we truly want this to be special for you.  True, this is our job.    Please understand how we feel; if you ask us to be a part of your event, you have invited us into your life at a very special moment.  It is not just a job, it is your memory.  We now become part of you memory.  We feel that this is a very weighty responsibility.  We are known for doing whatever it takes to the best of our abilities to make sure the Bride and Groom and their families enjoy their day!

A wedding coordinator will save you time and enable you to get the most for your money! A wedding coordinator can serve in many other capacities. They can act as the family counselor for apprehensive brides and the mothers; troubleshooter for unexpected disasters along the way, and a wedding coordinator can become a very close friend.  As your day unfolds so much takes place behind the scenes.  It is our job for you to enjoy the moment, not worry about the details; the details are our job.  In fact, you will probably never know or realize what it took to make that day a reality.

Not long ago, it was thought of as a luxury to hire a wedding coordinator.  Once only used by the wealthy, now a coordinator is essential to the well-planned affair. Being experienced in negotiating contracts with caterers, florists, photographers, and other suppliers, the coordinator saves valuable time and money. The coordinator can take advantage of discounts not available to private parties and avoid costly mistakes, while turning your dreams into reality.   We understand some people’s hesitation to hire a planner but in the long run you will find the time money and stress saved far outweighs the cost of your planner.

We would love to be part of your day!

Contact us now to set up your complimentary consultation.


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Photo by Mark Romine Photography

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