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Eco Friendly Favors and Wedding Registries


Home made Wedding Favors Jam

Homemade Wedding Favors Jam Yummy!

Favors are a very nice way we can give a little something to your guests.  Check out this lovely wedding  on our Facebook Page where the bride made jam for her favors!  (It is delicious.) You should be grateful your guests made an effort to share this day with you.  Favors can be a nice touch and a way to say “Thank You.”  While thanking our guests we can also help others and the environment.  Yes even with our favors.  Yes make sure those cute little organza bags you are putting those lovely mints are not made with child labor!  You can Google Eco-friendly favors and find all kinds of items on Ebay, Etsy, and places online like  There are so many choices.  Shop locally.  Find local farmers markets.

Wedding registries can also be a way to give back.  You can find local shops that give back to the homeless, poor artisans.  Look you will find.  Here is an online group that is very earth friendly.

Save the Earth with Your Wedding Registry

Now my desire to change the world comes up.  I cannot begin to tell you how much a little helps.  Find a cause to support.  Whether you support St. Jude or a small non-profit group that really need your support.  Just do it!  Thank you Nike for that saying.

Whatever you can do please do,  it can make a difference.   Remember the ocean is full of so many drops of water, one drop at a time and over time can be greater than you think.  My love for horses and the way I am moved by this story is why I whole heartily encourage you to consider to give to this well deserving group run by my friend Tracy.  Her dedication and love for these children amazes me.  I can honestly say that her life has touched so many.  She has given joy to many, many children.  If the link below is not working please click here to watch  this video on Angel Heart Farm

Tracy Kujawa, Executive Director


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