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Remember Your Wedding Day

Picture of Bride and Groom

Thirty one years ago. It seems like yesterday.


Your wedding day!  You will remember this day for the rest of your life, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Grab a moment from this day and keep it in your heart.  The greatest memory I have of my wedding day is just after the ceremony. There we were in the back of the church all alone. I will always remember Sam’s face and how it felt when he hugged me.  I started to learn what it was like to feel complete and a new generation began.  I just celebrated my 31st anniversary.  I can hardly believe it.  I think it is a privilege to grow old with someone.  We live such fast paced lives that we forget that the time spent with someone is truly a gift.  I think of my in-laws.  They were married for 65 years.  65 YEARS!  It was the sweetest thing at my niece’s wedding,  they had the “Anniversary Dance” and they listed off the years.  One by one the couples sat down..,  “If you are married for 55 years or more you can sit down,”  there were a few couples left dancing with the bride and groom.   “If you are married for 60 years you can sit down,” now there is only one couple dancing with my niece and her new husband.  The DJ then says, “If you are married 61 years, 62 years, 63, 64…How long have you been married?”   My father-in law said, “65 wonderful years.  He put his arm back around his wife of 65 years and continued to dance.  He then went and danced with Granddaughter and Maryann danced her new Grandson… and a new generation began.  I still cry when I think of that moment because they really loved each other.  We always called them the bickers.  They were funny always going back and forth.  You know when push came to shove they always took care of each other.  They were normal.  They loved each other one moment and drove each other crazy the next.  I have always said it is amazing how you can love someone so much and hate them so much all in one 24 hour period.  The good, the bad and the ugly moments in life build memories.

It is a privilege to grow old with someone, a privilege to grow old with your spouse and to grow old with your friends.  The longer you are with someone the better you know them and they know you and think of they still want to be with you in spite of it.  It is a privilege to grow old with someone.  Enjoy the gift, grow old with this love and make it the love of your life.

Brides parents look on as their daughter takes her vows.

Looking on at our Daughter's Wedding

Happy Anniversary  Sam.  I am grateful.

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