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How to Get Everything Done the Week Before the Wedding

How to Get Everything Done One Week Before the Wedding!

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One week until one of the biggest days of you life. How are you going to get everything done without going crazy? Try to stay calm, organize and delegate. Remember to keep things in perspective, enjoy this moment. You have planned for so long, it is finally here. You will wake up next week with a whole new life before you. But still you still have to get through this week. Let’s face it the stress of a wedding can get to anyone! So what can you do to stay sane and happy? The success of the week before the weddings begins not that week but a few weeks before! Here are a few tips:

Don’t Procrastinate and ask a reliable friend for help.

  • If you do not have a planner, appoint a trusted friend to be your helper the week of and the day of the wedding. This person should not be someone in the wedding party. What if they have to run to the store for pantyhose during pictures. Or the 2-year-old flower girl, who is being potty trained and didn’t make it to the bathroom needs new underwear? Things happen you need a person who is reliable and can take care of last-minute oops.
  • Someone has to be there to fix your dress as you start-up the aisle. This can’t be your Mom, she is already seat. It can’t be your Maid of Honor, she is in front of you. Your ceremony venue will often have someone who can help. This is great but you will still need someone to help the week of and the rest of the day.
  • This person will be your go between, your liason with vendors and often times guests that need something.
  • Make a checklist, what should it include?
  • Bridal Party and Family members contact information. You need everyone’s cell phone numbers. It always happens, pictures are ready to start and we can’t find Johnny the Groom’s buddy from college. Ta da have your trusted friend that you have asked to help call his cell phone.
  • Vendor Contact List and time they will be delivering as well as setting up. As you make this list call each vendor to confirm that everyone is on the same page. Confirm date, times, and place. Don’t take it for granted that Suzie the office girl put the reservation in at 7PM for the rehearsal. Mistakes happen. Get the vendors cell phone numbers where they can be reached in case something does go wrong. What if your Callas start to turn brown, can you get ahold of your florist? Wrong Table Toppers? Can you call the rental service in time for them to get back to fix it? You need cell phones where they can be reached in case of emergency, not the desk at their office.
  • Keep a bag or two on the counter in the kitchen or in the living room. Last minute items; things that need to go to the rehearsal dinner. Things that need to go to the ceremony. Things that need to go to the reception. Put these items in those bags or baskets. The night before check to make sure you have everything you need in those bags. Then you can give them to that trusted friend you asked to help. This way you won’t forget the “Mikasa” Flutes your Maid of Honor bought you for the head table.
  • Itineraries: You will need one for the Rehearsal and one for the Day of. What time is you hair appointment in the morning? What time do the girl’s need to be there? What time is the photographer coming? When do the guys start pictures? When should the family be there for pictures? The itinerary is just an overview of the day. Make copies for everyone involved so they know where they are supposed to be and what time they are supposed to be there.
  • Learn to have a Sense of Humor. Expect the unexpected.

The week will not go perfect, the day of the wedding will no doubt have a little drama. If your week and day go absolutely perfect, go play the lottery, obviously odds are with you and you will no doubt win. But for the rest of us, life has its ups and downs, accept it. If we realize things happen even with the best of planning, we are in a better frame of mind to deal with it.

Most of all keep things in perspective, enjoy the moment.

Wedding Plans Making you Crazy? Not Sure What to Do? Schedule your Complimentary Consultation
Enter your email receive a Special Issue and Complimentary Consultation Availability:

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Simple Elegance Events and Wedding Designs
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