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Your Honeymoon: Be Wise and It Will Be Enjoyable

Just because it’s a honeymoon doesn’t mean it has to be crazy to the point of destruction–you don’t have to hop five Hawaiin island in five days, stay in the most expensive hotel there, and stress yourself out. Check out these options for keeping it reasonably on both a financial and emotional level.

How to Get Everything Done the Week Before the Wedding

One week until one of the biggest days of you life. How are you going to get everything done without going crazy? Try to stay calm, organize and delegate. Remember to keep things in perspective, enjoy this moment. You have planned for so long, it is finally here. You will wake up next week with a whole new life before you. But still you still have to get through this week. Let’s face it the stress of a wedding can get to anyone! So what can you do to stay sane and happy? The success of the week before the weddings begins not that week but a few weeks before! Here are a few tips:

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