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Six Steps to a Successful Outdoor Wedding

Simple Elegance Assistant Planner – Ade Olayinka

Every spring, people begin to congregate outdoors for all types of events. From March to October, ceremonies, receptions and combinations of the two escape their winter cocoons and take Mother Nature up on her dare to join the fun. However, many brides forget to take the necessary precautions that go hand in hand with their weddings’ union with the Great Outdoors.

Precaution #1   –   Plan for the Rain

When planning your outdoor affair, always operate under the assumption that it will rain on your big day. While this may sound like a negative outlook, it will save you a lot of stress if Mother Nature cannot contain her tears of joy. Choosing to use tents or locations with an indoor option are popular backup plans.

Precaution #2   –   Know Your Ground

Any female at an outdoor wedding is probably averse to sinking of any sort. In that spirit, it is important to know the ground on which you walk. Many heels tend to have trouble with sand, soft grass and cobblestone. So, take a lesson for Cinderella, and plan ahead before you lose your shoe. The sinking soil problem also applies to tents, tables and chairs, so be sure to keep that in the back of your mind.

Precaution #3 – Don’t Get Blown Away

While rain may bring you in, in most cases wind will allow you to stay outside. Choose décor that can withstand great gusts. Having décor pieces that can be pinned, tied or weighted are sensible solutions. Just remember, it’s possible to have solid and stunning decorations.

Precaution #4 – Eliminate the Huh?

When guests arrive at your ceremony, the likely want to hear you say “I do!” Crashing waves, gusting wind and the chirping of joyful birds may prevent your witnesses from hearing your happy promises to one another. If you know there may be sound obstruction, find out about obtaining a sound system of sorts. For outdoor receptions, talk with the DJ or band about being prepared, come what may.

Precaution #5 – The Blind Side

When you invite guests to your wedding, they will likely be under the assumption that they will be able to see you. Keeping that thought in mind, when planning your ceremony or reception, be sure to face guests away from the rising or setting sun. It wouldn’t hurt to take the same precautions for yourself.

Precaution #6 – Capture the Critters

Nature’s smallest inhabitants can have a big impact on your day. Flies, mosquitoes and their insect friends can bug your guests when they are trying to pay attention to you. Worse, they can bother you. Bug zappers and citronella candles are simple solutions to these tiny problems.

Sometimes it is hard to keep everything straight by yourself. It’s important talk to the experts about everything from space permits to food safety. Let them help you choose food that will keep well in the heat, plan for garbage collection, and find ways to keep guests hydrated while dancing the night away.

Even with all these precautions, every bride needs to note that things can still go wrong. Therefore, the most important tool you can bring with you on your wedding day is patience. Remember, it’s all about you, rain or shine, so enjoy your day!

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