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Tips for Writing Thanks You’s

Guests at a wedding

Family and Friends made the effort to be at your wedding. Make the effort to thank them!

Why is it important to send a thank you card?   I thanked the person when I saw them last.   Isn’t that enough?  NO!

Your friends and family reserved this day for you. They may have taken off work, traveled from far away…Most likely bought a new outfit and a gift for you and the love of your life….You can show your heartfelt gratitude by sending  them a Thank You!!!

Not sending a hand written thank you is rude!

Here are a couple tips on the how and when to send Thank You’s.

  • According to etiquette, you are to send your Thank You within 3 months of your wedding.
  • Please DO NOT think that a cute little picture of you and your spouse holding a sign that says “THANK YOU” is enough!! Again your friends and family took time out of their lives to spend this day with you and to get you a gift…You must include a hand written note!!!
  • When hand writing your Thank You be sure to include the gift given and a little bit of something about how you intend to use it.
    Example: Aunt Ruby, Thank you so much for the beautiful photo frame. It will look great sitting on our mantle. We will think of you whenever we see it!
  • Here is an example if you are sending a thank you for a gift card or monetary gift.
    Dear Aunt Ruby, Thank you for your very generous gift. We plan on using it to purchase our new kitchen set.
  • NEVER imply that a gift will be returned or exchanged!!!
  • If they were a guest at your wedding be sure to thank them for sharing your special day with you.

Yes this will take time and it can be a bit of a pain but – Please Remember – Writing a Thank You is not an option, it’s a RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

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  1. These are really great tips. I like your recommendation for handwritten thank you cards. It just means so much more when someone takes the time to put that much effort into a reply.

  2. Margaret Moore

    Dear Kristina
    Thank you so much for your thoughts and yes our lives are too fast paced with texting and emailing I think we forget the human touch includes a personal note.

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