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Wedding Favors Alternatives

Weddings are such an emotional thing.  What a moment in time.  It is a moment that touches the heart of everyone involved.  The Bride, the Groom, their families and their guests.  The moment the doors open and the Bride steps down the aisle, to the first kiss as husband and wife, their first dance, the cutting of the cake…. these moments are ones that will last in our memories.  Favors are a way for us to let our guests know we appreciate them being part of our day.    Favors what to do?  There are so many ideas.  Personally I love two ideas the best.

  1. A caricature artist.  Yes a caricature artist.  It is great and reasonable!  Have him come for the cocktail hour, feed him dinner and then have him stay for a few hours  during the reception.  Your friends will tell you years later they still have that picture from your wedding.  How cool is that!  We love Dan Wild from Champaign.  Tell him we sent you!  You will not be disappointed.
  2. This is the one that means the most to me.  In Lieu of Favors donate to a local charity.
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In case you don’t know we here at Simple Elegance are animal lovers.    I leave food out down by the barn for two black cats I call Joe and Miss Kitty.  It took years for them to trust me but now they have a place to sleep and food to eat.  They even let me rub their heads and purr for me.    I sponsor a dog every year for the Humane Society of Central Illinois, I wish I could just find that magic wand that could make all things good.  But I can’t.  What I can do is encourage others to do the right thing.  I can encourage you to help.  I gotta admit I cry every year when I write this blog.  Life is so crazy.  Weddings are crazy.  Simple things in life is what truly make you happy.  Give when you can, help when you are needed and life will be happy!

That’s it, how can we be part of a solution even if it is small.

I thought I should include  alternatives to favors.  I am not saying that favors are not a nice gesture but honestly do you really think people want another little tiny frame with your picture.  I am sure they love you but really.   Who needs another piece of candy, how many people do you know are trying to lose ten pounds anyway.  So why not take the several hundred dollars you will spend and give it to a cause where it will actually make a difference and actually be appreciated.

We have had several weddings where the couples had given to Angel Heart Farm, Wish Bone Canine Rescue P.A.W.S,  The Chicago Humane SocietyWWF-The Word Wildlife Organization to save the Polar Bears.  Personally, I think it is a great idea.   So here are a  few ideas for you.

Help a Homeless Pet  There are over 170,000 Dogs  and 160,000 cats on that need homes. Locally you can visit Wish Bone Canine Rescue

Adopt a dog

We thank Wish Bone Rescue everyday for our Perdita.  We lost our Dog Zenia after fourteen years and we still cry and miss her so but Perdita fills a gap that is unique.  We say she has found Zenia’s memoirs and is trying her best to live up to her reputation.  I will say she is doing a pretty good job.  We love her

Angel Heart Farm  

The love from an animal may not cure cancer but they give a child what medicine cannot.  Here is what one of the Moms wrote Tracy:
“As the mother of a child who is a cancer survivor I would like to say Thank you to Tracy for giving these remarkable children and their families a special place to go and be themselves. She has created a safe and caring environment for the whole family.  It was our only escape and something I can never repay, except to say a big thank you! So I know how important Angel Heart Farm is and it is a great way to really get involved & help any way you can!”

Angel Heart Farm is a spot on earth where humans and animals benefit from each other.    Founded and operated by Tracy Kujawa, a horse lover and cancer survivor, Angel Heart Farm was built on the power and support given to Tracy by her beloved Arabian mare, Khuryia, during her life-threatening illness.  We know Tracy personally, go figure she’s a horse person.  She is one of the kindest people I have ever had the privilege of meeting.  She has given everything, and I mean everything she owns in behalf of these kids.  I cannot begin to tell you the many stories that she has told us, where I could do nothing but cry and admire her ability to hold a child’s hand while they are dying.  She has even brought a Pony into the hospital to see one of her terminally ill kids.  Her love and devotion for these children is beyond dedication.  I had to tell you about her and how you can help.  It is a small program and your donation would make a difference.

Make sure you have a tissue when you watch this clip, I guarantee it will make you cry.

“Have you ever heard of a horse having the power to put a
cancer patient’s disease into remission?
At Angel Heart Farms, the love of a horse could be a life-changing experience.”

Angel Heart Farm enriches the lives of children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses including: all Cancers, Brain Tumors, Arthritis, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal Disease, Heart and Liver Disease and Transplant, Hemophilia, Kidney Disease, Sickle Cell Anemia, Immunology Deficiencies/HIV and any other life-threatening illnesses referred by a physician.

For information on how to donate to Angel Heart Farm contact Tracy at

PO Box 11652

Lexington KY 40511

(615) 566-4976

If you would like to use this article in your blog or newsletter please do but you must include a link to Wish Bone Rescue andda link to Angel Heart Heat Farm and of course a link back to Simple Elegance Events and Wedding Designs author Margaret Moore Senior Planner.  Please Share


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