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Wedding Inspirations

What are weddings all about?  Meaning!  Meanigful Moments.  Inspiration.  What inspires you?  How will your day inspire someone else?  How will the love you have that day move those who witness you become a family that day?

The word inspire means to move  or to influence someone.  Will your day inspire someone?  Will it move your guests emotionally?  Will it influence people’s thoughts and emotions?

We spent this weekend in Joliet at the Rialto Square Theatre for a Bridal show featuring David Tutera.  I will say it was inspiring.  If you have been reading my Blog you know that I am a fairly emotional person.  My brides know that for sure.  I think it is important to find meaning in pretty much everything I do.  I believe our lives should touch others and other people’s lives should touch us.

I was moved when I walked into the Rialto on Saturday afternoon.  I stepped through the door and a flood of memories rushed through my head.  I spent my childhood in this theater.  I saw Bambi, Snow White, Cinderella, ….. all at the Rialto. I walked with my daughter Mary up to the balcony area as I told her the stories of how we would run up these stairs so we could sit in the cool Balcony.  In my mind I could see my twin sister run by as my cousin Artie and I hid behind a planter.  We  had such fun in this place.   It made me smile and setting up seemed like a breeze.  If you have never been to the Rialto you truly need to go, it is breathtaking.  The architecture..oh my word… it is a beautiful historic place.

Bridal show at the Rialto Square Theatre

Our Booth at the Rialto Theatre

Weddings here are gorgeous, just plain gorgeous.

The Bridal show was packed with eager, bright eyed Brides.  We could barely keep up with the girls coming by… the air was buzzing with excitement and anticipation.  These girls were getting married and David Tutera was coming.  Oh my word everyone was high on David this last Sunday.

 So, I started thinking what makes this man so loved?  Why are these Brides going absolutley crazy over him.  I love “My Fair Wedding”, who doesn’t, right!  I will say though that I worry that some Brides  minimize their day when it can’t be as over the top as in “My Fair Wedding.”   So, what is it that girls get out of watching this show?  I made myself think about why I watch it.  I love to see the ideas, the color combinations, …. but it is more than that.  It is watching a dream come true..the little girl with a dream…meaning that’s it.  David Tutera is making someone’s dream come true.. that is what draws me.  I have a tendency to be a dreamer, a reach for the sky kind of person most of you who know me will say, “yeah that’s Margaret.”

I am grateful to be a dreamer!  Dreamers give color to a black and white world.  They inspire.  I’d like to think I inspire people for the better.  I love my Simple Elegance team, Mary, Julie, Miranda, Nichole, and Amber and of course our interns Kelly, Taylor, and Kayla.  We inspire each other.  We are dreamers and we each add our own unique flair  but the day of a wedding we are dream makers.  That is what makes us do weddings.  We may not be able to give you a $200,000 weding but we want so desperately for our Brides to be happy and we work at making it happen.  I know Justin of Star Talent must kringe sometimes when I call and say, “Justin I’ve got this Bride she is so sweet.  Her Budget is… what can we do for her,  inevitably Justin always finds a way to make it work for me.  He’s a dreamer too.  It is funny I can hear Kelly Lyle chuckle as I tell him the story of a bride and then ask what can we do to make this happen for her?  He always makes it work.  He’s a dreamer too.  I guess I have surrounded myself with dreamers like Justin, Kelly, Mark Romine,Karen Bridges, Joe Beck, Maryann of the Burr House, Zack Hileman with his handsome horse Randy, Eldon from Forget Me Not,  Michelle from Michelle’s (Obviously), Janice from Adore, Shellie at Let’s Party…….the list goes on.    We are dreamers.  Everyone wants to be Cinderella or Prince Charming.  I will say it feels good to be a dreamer.  So at the end of a long wedding day the Simple Elegance team will look at each other and say “We did it again!”  We are tired but as we pack up the empty ballroom it is the hug from the Bride and Groom and the smile they gave us as they said goodbye that inspire us.

So you may not be able to have the $100,000 reception venue or the thousands of dollars worth of flowers, or even a Designer gown but you have your inspiration at your side.  You have the meaning in your life, the one that will stand next to you, the one holding your hand and looking in your eyes as you say “I Do.”  Focus on that inspiration and your will have more than a “Fair Wedding,” you will have a long and happy life.  You will grow old with a love that will inspire you all those days.

Picture of David Tutera with The Wedding Gallery from Bloomington Illinois

The Wedding Gallery Group with David

So we believe in dreams, that is why we are moved by David Tutera, he gives someone a dream.



I love it!

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