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Wedding Photography How to choose?

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OK, you sat down with the Fam and everyone has their lists.  You added them up and if you invited everyone on the A list 400 people would come!  Yikes!  This is where you need to make some decisions.  That is up to you and your family.  You started with a generous budget so use the tips from our Blog and get your reception under control.  We now have to think about a Photographer, Videographer, Florist, DJ, and Honeymoon.   So After discussing things and getting down to the facts you decide to cut your guest list to 175 people.  You can expect 10% not to come, now this is doable.

You decide you want your reception at the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts.  Great.  Here is an estimated cost:

$2800.00 rental

$5200.00  Food (You decide the caterer this is a rounded figure) including Tax and Grat.

$7000.00  Alcohol Open Bar for  4 hours including Tax and Grat.

$15000.00  Grand Total

Now you have $15,000.00 to work with.

Photographers, where do you start?  We have some fantastic people to work with here!  It seems like anyone and everyone is picking up a 35 mm camera and claiming to be a photographer.  NOT!



You can expect to spend $2800 on up.  I wrote and article on “3 Things NOT to go Cheap on”  if you get a chance read it.

You can find it on—Three-Things-Not-to-Go-Cheap-On!&id=5421060

If not here are my thought

You have spent countless hours planning your dream wedding and the pictures taken by your photographer will be the pictures you have for the rest of your life!
When you look back on your family history, what do you look at? PICTURES!  Pictures of what?  WEDDINGS! You could go to Craigslist and hire someone to take pictures, but it is unlikely to find a good photographer on Craigslist, one who creates images. A good photographer is invested in his trade, which means he or she is invested   in YOU! And although price is a factor, don’t just look at dollar signs, look beyond price.  Yes I said look beyond Price.  Look at the QUALITY of the photos.  Pay attention to ratio, lighting, and focus.  When you look at a photographer’s album can you see the day as it unfolded?  Are they meaningful?  What style of photography appeals to you?

This is a list of photographers we have worked with and know for sure they will give you the pictures you deserve.  They range in pricing and style.  Look at their work, make sure their work appeals to you personally then see which will work into your budget.

Kelly Lyle Photography

Mark Romine Photography

Karen and Nate Bridges Beyond the Well Photography

Divine Photography Kimberly

Kira Kwon

Jason and Amanda Southern Reflections

Check out these people.  I cannot say enough about them!  Good, honest fantastic quality Photos!

There are my thoughts for the day.  Remember Keep things in Perspective!  See ya tomorrow

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