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How to Control Your Wedding Guestlist

your wedding dress

Will you be twirling the day of your wedding? Or stressed out because you spent too much money?

You are over budget.  Don’t panic, instead be realistic.

OK the best way to get your budget under control is to control your guestlist.  We discussed this in  our  Blog a few days ago.  The bottom line is if you control your guest list in reality you control the cost of your reception.

Here are some reminders

1. Divide your total head count into four:  one fourth to the bride’s parents, one fourth to the groom’s parents, one fourth to the bride and one fourth to the groom.

2. It would be great to see all your old friends at your wedding but reality check this is not your college sorority or fraternity reunion.  It is your wedding.  Do not feel compelled to invite dear old Suzi from the Alpha blah blah just because five years ago after college she invited you to her wedding. How often do you talk to her today, is the real question.   This is the time to trim so make cuts to YOUR guest list.   I mean really if you expect your Fiance, his parents, and your parents to make  cuts you have to be willing to do a little chopping yourself.

3. Just because you work with someone does not mean you have to invite them to your wedding, unless they are truly, I said Truly a GOOD friend.  Think about it this way; if you left that job and went to another how often would you talk to that person.  If you answer; “I would call her and still hang out with her,” then OK keep them on the list but if not ax them!  Remember if you invite one acquaintance from work you will have to invite them all to keep the peace.

4. Do you invite children to the wedding?  OK this can be a bit sticky for those with kids.  One way to cut the budget is an adult only wedding.  Yes it can be done in a tactful manner.  Simply address the invitation to Mr. and Mrs. John and Mary Smith.  You can even have their RSVP have two guests already pre printed on them with only their choice for dinner to be checked off.  Another tactful way of doing this is to print seating cards (“we have reserved 2 seats for you at Table 21”) and insert them in the invitations.   This would mean that you would have to have your seating chart done when you send the invitations.  You can always update it when the RSVPs start coming back.

5. Do unto others and you would have it done to you.  So if it were you, would you be upset if they did not invite you.  No then cut them.

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